Here’s what you need to know about left-wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

May and Corbyn frequently clashed over security in the wake of the London Bridge terror attacks at the latter stage of the election campaign.

The Conservative leader accused Corbyn of opposing shoot-to-kill powers and claimed the Labour leader had “boasted” of consistently choosing not to support counter-terrorism legislation as a backbench member or parliament in previous years.

In response, Corbyn urged May to resign given the number of police and firefighters who had lost their jobs in her time as prime minister and Home secretary. He also promised to reverse the cutting of around 20,000 police officers since 2010.

One of the most sensitive British security issues is Trident – the U.K.’s Vanguard fleet of four submarines carrying nuclear missiles.

Corbyn has been a long-standing opponent to nuclear weapons, however, in his party’s manifesto; Labour has pledged to renew its support for Trident.