If I ruled the world: why there’s no such thing as a ‘benevolent dictatorship’ – Overnights

Ever wondered what Australia would be like if you were the one in charge? If you’ve ever been frustrated by bureaucracy that comes with democracy, you’ve probably thought just you could do it all better yourself. On the other end of the political spectrum from democracy is a dictatorship, which is the political system where one leader holds supreme power over the entire country.

And while the thought of a ‘benevolent dictator’ may sound like a good idea, University of Essex’s School of Government Director of Education and author of Dictator and Dictatorships Dr Natasha Ezrow says “even if there’s economic development, there’s no dictatorship that’s not repressive. ” Dr Ezrow spoke to Overnights about how dictatorships work, what types of personalities they have and what we know about the latest developments in Zimbabwe.