Illinois politics reminds me of the Hare Krishnas

Illinois politics reminds me of the Hare Krishnas
Is that Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, or Speaker Mike Madigan? It is hard to tell from this distance. (Photo credit:Pixabay Images)

Come on, Illinois. Once upon a time, Illinois was the crown jewel of the Midwest. New York, California, and Illinois were the Big Three economic giants that drove business in the USA. New York drove finance, California drove entertainment and aviation, and Illinois drove the rest. If you were in the manufacturing business, odds were good you had an operation in the Land of Lincoln.

Those happy days are being wiped out with ruthless efficiency. They aren’t being wiped out by changing demographics, or high taxes as the warring parties in Illinois politics would like for you to believe. Political ideology is not why companies choose to open or sustain operations in a particular State.

An educated workforce is what drives that decision. Don’t take my word for it. Go to Silicon Valley in Northern California and envy their prosperity. They didn’t get that prosperity because of steadfast adherence to one of the two major cults in America, liberalism, and conservatism.

They earned that prosperity through hard work and education and not by political cults. California’s so-called business unfriendly environment sure does seem to incubate new industries that change the world.

Then we get to Illinois. Boy, what a contrast.

It appears Illinois is the total opposite of California. The two major political cults in Illinois, a group that calls itself “Democrats” and bears zero resemblance to the National Democratic Party, and the second who call themselves “Republican” and is a quasi-religious organization, like the electorate dumb. In fact, the dumber the better they seem to say.

The competing cult leaders in Illinois, Maharishi Bruce Rauner, the leader of the Religious Cult and Maharishi Mike Madigan, the leader of the Public Employee Union Cult share one thing in common: absolute hatred for one another. The two men would rather snort a line of fire ants than compromise with one another.

If there is one thing Bruce Rauner and Mike Madigan agree on it is that banks are more important than people. I know that because the two men have had a budget war that has destroyed the fragile credit of Illinois.  The war is so severe that the interest the state has to pay for the borrowed money the state runs on, pretty well guarantees the poverty that is growing in the state will be a multi-generational trend.

I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but State Senate President John Cullerton is the shining light in all the darkness in Springfield. He sat with Rauner and hammered out a compromised balanced budget. It wasn’t easy, but he got the job done.

The problem rests with one man and his ego. Cult-leader Madigan who has the title “Speaker.” I find that an odd title since I can’t recall ever hearing him speak. He sits in his office, the doorstep to Hell from what I can tell, and thinks evil thoughts and carries them out.

His hatred for Rauner is so deep, he doesn’t care how many students in the University system he screws over, not to mention the professors, administrative staff, and hourly workers. He doesn’t care if single Moms lose help, or if doctors who take Medicaid patients get shafted.

The Hell with them. They are only good for PR at election time. No, multi-millionaire Madigan has his, to hell with everyone else. He earned his money the old fashioned way, via Illinois political corruption. He has his daughter as the State Attorney General so he is bullet-proof against indictment for corruption.

These are the good days for Madigan. These days suck for the rest of Illinois though.

The consequence of the two cultists actions is a stampede out of Illinois. The state is losing both population and business. The Rauner cult will tell you it is due to the business climate. Something he promised to do something about and has done nothing about it at all.

The business climate excuse is not the real reason. The real reasons are the political climate in Illinois and the corruption in Illinois. Those are two factors neither men will address because they are part of the same hypocrisy.

It appears the forlorn and often abused taxpayers and citizens of Illinois seem not to care whether their jobs leave the state. They seem to not care the growth industry in Illinois is the moving business. Well, at least the moving out business. There is not much of a flow back in.

They vote for more of the same. The cowards in the Democratic Cult hate Mike Madigan. They hate him with the heat of 10,000 suns. I know this because to write these columns, I spend a lot of time on the phone with Democrats and Republicans in office. Both parties have no respect for these two “leaders.”

Why do they stay power then? With the Democrats, it is fear of Madigan and his money. With the Republicans, they can’t seem to put a party together.

The GOP in Illinois is the Tea Party on steroids. It is racist and is unapologetic in its racism. I listened to one County GOP Chair’s view on Spanish Heritage voters one day. Her rant was so bigoted I was embarrassed for her. The Illinois Policy Institute which bills itself as a think tank is just another bunch of political bomb throwers.

I wrote about a racist cartoon they published which you can read about here. The response was telling. The racism is ingrained so deep in the party they saw nothing wrong with their cartoon. My hate mail was on high from racists on that article. It appears racists love to tell you they aren’t racists. It is one of their distinguishing characteristics.

Springfield reminds me of the Hare Krishnas I used to see at Los Angeles International Airport in the 1970s. “Hare Madigan, hare, hare; Hare Rauner, hare, hare…” Like the Krishnas, they have their hands out for donations and want your soul.

For real change, say no to both.

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