Insurers restore Obamacare coverage in parts of Ohio

Five insurers have agreed to offer Obamacare plans in 19 Ohio counties that didn’t have any coverage next year.

Twenty counties were set to not have any Obamacare coverage in 2018 after insurers announced this year that they would pull out. Ohio’s insurance regulator said it is working to restore coverage to the last county that doesn’t have any insurers.

The decision comes a few days after the Senate narrowly failed to approve a “skinny” Obamacare repeal bill that would have gutted the law’s individual mandate and temporarily eliminated the employer mandate.

Insurers have left the individual market for a variety of reasons, which include financial problems with Obamacare’s risk pools. Some insurers also have said that they are leaving the marketplaces because of uncertainty about the law’s future.

The health of the individual market, which includes Obamacare’s exchanges and is used by people who don’t have insurance through their employer, has been a major political debate.

Republicans say higher premiums and insurer defections are evidence of the law’s collapse, while Democrats charge that uncertainty over repeal and whether the White House will continue to make insurer payments is the cause.