Iowa Governor race expects a long campaign season

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa (WOWT) — It doesn’t seem that long ago that the country went to the ballot box to put an end to a very long political campaign for president. Well, now gubernatorial candidates in Iowa are already fighting to get the attention of the Iowa voter.

After popular Governor Terry Branstad stepped down to be the US Ambassador of China, it left Governor Kim Reynolds in the state’s top seat. The race has heated up.

Candidates can’t officially file for the Iowa governor’s race until July 30th of next year but already there are candidates who have announced they plan to run. Some have already started campaigning with ads on social media.

Iowa republicans are expecting a crowded field in the governor’s race next year.

“On the democratic side, I believe it’s going to be a crowded field. I believe democrats are going to be emboldened now with everything going on in Washington DC,” Chairman of the Pottawattamie County Republican Party Jeff Jorgensen said. “Republicans really need to step up to the plate on take reform and hopefully Obamacare is not done for the year.”

Some Iowa voters don’t like the way things went down in their state. They are ready to listen to new candidates. Iowa voters Ann Walters and Cathy Hill have different opinions on how early is too early to start campaigning.

“Especially for name recognition for people to get their name out there and let people know what they’re thinking what they’d like to do,” Walters said.

“I’m really tired of it, it just feels like we have politics 24/7 and you never get a day off from politics,” Hill said. “Given our situation in Iowa with Terry Branstad leaving suddenly and the succession of Kim taking his position. I think it’s important that people organize and make sure we have a viable candidate and that that candidate is recognizable.”

Iowa republicans say Gov. Kim Reynolds can also expect competition from her own party.

Iowa voters go to the polls to elect a governor on November 6th of next year.