ITV Wales Election Debate: All the details and where you can watch it | Wales

The ITV Wales Election Debate, part of ITV Cymru Wales’ comprehensive coverage of General Election 2017, will be broadcast live on Wednesday May 17 at 8pm.

Taking part will be: Carwyn Jones (Welsh Labour); Andrew R.T. Davies (Welsh Conservatives); Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru); Mark Williams (Welsh Liberal Democrats); Neil Hamilton (UKIP Wales).

The two-hour prime-time debate will be hosted and moderated by ITV Wales’ Political Editor, Adrian Masters. The debate will be streamed live online at and
The speakers will make short opening statements at the beginning of the programme and closing statements at the conclusion of the debate. They will also address questions posed by the audience.

The format will allow each speaker to give an uninterrupted brief answer to each question, before the debate is opened to moderated discussion between the speakers, for about 15 minutes on each question.

The debate will address four substantial election questions with enough time allocated for a free flowing debate between the speakers.

An experienced editorial panel is selecting the questions that will be used on the night. The speakers will not see the questions in advance.

The invited audience of around 200 people is broadly demographically representative of Wales and is politically balanced.

pOEarlier in the evening, Andrea Byrne will be live from the venue with a special debate preview edition of Wales At Six.

In addition to the debate, ITV Wales’ extensive coverage of the General Election continues nightly on Wales At Six and in hour-long editions of Sharp End.

Other programmes include Election Road Trip with Andrea Byrne and Wales This Week following prospective MPs on the road to Westminster.

ITV Cymru Wales is also be producing General EElection programming for S4C: three-part Y Râs i 10 Downing Street and a Hacio debate for young voters.

On election night, ITV Cymru Wales’ news teams will be at all the main counts in Wales, feeding the latest news live to the ITV network overnight results programme, presented by Tom Bradby.