Ives eyes GOP primary nomination for governor | Local

“I came to Springfield to fight hard for Illinois taxpayers — to defend them against lobbyists,” she said. “It is time for taxpayers to get a better deal. (Right now) the problem is, in Illinois, the more we increases taxes, the less tax income the state receives.”
Ives mentioned political corruption using two local names, former State Rep. Frank Mautino, D-Spring Valley, now Illinois Auditor General, and former La Salle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne, also a Democrat, who was indicted by a grand jury of official misconduct and misspending of public funds. 
She told the group, “We need to extract all public corruption from our government. These two are examples of public corruption that Rauner has never commented on. I was the first to call for Mautino to resign from his auditor general position. He was not qualified for the job and the position of trust needed for that office.”
Ives called herself “a principled conservative person.”

“We must reform (taxes) and cut (expenses) to unleash the full potential of the state. Illinois is overspending all the time.”
After listening to Ives, Jerry Tuftie, of Flanagan, praised the representative and her campaign.
“She is awesome,” Tuftie said. “She is the right person, the real deal. Rep. Ives is someone who all Illinois citizen should pay attention to.”

Congress hopeful criticizes Kinzinger presidential vote

During the meeting, James Marter called Congressman Adam Kinzinger a failed conservative.
“If he was a representative that I could support, I wouldn’t be in the race,” said Marter, of Oswego. “Our job as Republicans was to support GOP national candidate (Donald Trump) and he did not do that. He even admitted to not vote for him. A good Republican should be standing up the GOP platform and ticket. He does not do that.”
“I was disappointed that our representative and other GOP congressmen did not have a bill in place to replace Obamacare sitting on President Trump’s desk on the day of the inauguration. I promise to bring conservatism back to the (16th Congressional) District.”
Marter said he will attend the Tea Party’s Tuesday, Jan. 23, meeting, in which he and Kinzinger were invited to debate.