Join McCabe’s political revolution — Bradley Butterfield | Opinion

We’ve split the atom, put humans on the moon, invented the internet and cellphones, but Republicans still tell us there’s no way Americans can have effective gun control, more economic equality, national health care, tuition-free college, sustainable energy, a living wage, or an end to legalized bribery.

All we need is the political will, and Americans would find ways to achieve all these things. But the GOP is in the business of crushing that will and dividing us against each other.

I support Mike McCabe for governor because he’s leading a revolution of the 99 percent against a political system that disempowers most of us while granting nearly unlimited political power to corporate tycoons.

McCabe understands that the old left/right divide no longer applies, and that common people have more in common with each other than with those who can afford armies of lobbyists and massive campaign donations.

Instead of revisiting the divisiveness Act 10 caused between public- and private-sector workers, McCabe would promote equal rights for all workers. He’d eliminate wasteful corporate welfare programs, such as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., and legalize all cannabis products. He would invest our tax dollars to grow Wisconsin from the bottom up.

Please join McCabe’s revolution.

Bradley Butterfield, La Crosse