Kenya’s leadership on trial, corruption a pandemic – Maraga

Kenya is facing a leadership crisis despite its many administration degree programmes, Chief Justice David Maraga has said.

Maraga described the country’s leadership as being on trial and said there is evidence of this.

Reiterating that corruption is a  pandemic in the country, he accused political leaders of “shamelessly plundering public resources without giving a thought to the poor who are in dire need of them”.

“We can only succeed in passing on the virtue of integrity to others if we live out whatever we say.”

The Supreme Court President noted jobs like his are not one of the faint-hearted.

Maraga asked fellow judges and the political class to strive for leadership that will earn them respect and engender public confidence in the discharge of their constitutional mandate.

He said it is common knowledge that some of the disputes brought to court involve matters of great national importance, matters which if not carefully and prayerfully handled can tip the balance of national security and plunge this country into chaos and total anarchy.

The CJ noted many leadership websites have been set up and that programmes are being offered by universities across the country so people can gain competitive advantages.

But he added: “At a time when the world has made mind-boggling advances in science, technology and in the arts, it is ironical that a confidence gap in leadership is strongly manifest throughout the world.

“Is it because of the credibility deficit in their character, conduct or confidence? Could it be that the approaches to leadership training and the basic assumptions about what leadership entails have been erected on a faulty foundation?

“Could it be that we need to rethink and redefine leadership and evaluate our leadership goals?”

Maraga maintained that true leaders demonstrate integrity by their actions.

“One can be a great leader and make great profits for oneself or for one’s employer through corruption. That’s not a leadership style worthy emulating,” he said.

“Men and women of integrity are those whose word can be depended on in any situation. Trust and confidence are the foundations of every business relationship they engage in. In my view that is a value system of great, if not, absolute honesty.”

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