Kjell Jonevret Has Bemoaned The ‘Political Aspect’ Of Orlando Pirates

Kjell Jonevret said that he left Orlando Pirates because he felt that he ‘could not continue’ at the club for several reasons, including the ‘political aspect’ that he described as ‘extraordinary’.



The 55-year-old left the Buccaneers earlier this month after weeks of speculation, with Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic quickly being appointed as his successor at the club.


Jonevret has now spoken about the fact that he was ‘not very involved’ in decision making, going on to say that there are many others who are involved in that aspect of the club.


Speaking to Fotbollskanalen, he said, “It’s not a decision that comes from nowhere. The working conditions are very special in the club. You are not very involved‚ and that’s frustrating.


“You want so much to help but you really cannot. I felt that it could not continue as it was and felt it was best to leave. So I quit.”


Expanding on that, he went on to say, “Communication was not very good and it was difficult to make my voice heard. It’s a big club with very many who want to be involved and make decisions. The political aspect is extraordinary in the club.”


“But there are no hard feelings at all,” he said. “Me and the club separated as friends. This was the best for both.”


Regarding the idea that Micho’s appointment was lined up before his exit, Jonevret told the publication, “They probably knew that I was not happy at the end. There had been rumours that they are looking at other coaches and that they should get rid of me.


“The chairman said he thought I did a good job but that they might still move forward with someone else in the future. They were well prepared for my departure. You do not want to get fired – that’s not fun. This felt fair to me.”


And lastly, on the future, the Swede explained that he’s looking to get back into the game, saying, “I still feel incredibly lucky to keep up with my hobby. If any club is interested in me then I will listen to them. I’m not tired of coaching‚ on the contrary‚ I’m more determined. I love football and have much more left to give.”