Ky. Senator Talks Assault, Politics On Colbert Show –

The Late Show with Stephen ColbertThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert

NEW YORK (LEX 18)– A popular late-night talk show welcomed a junior Kentucky senator as a guest Wednesday night.

Rand Paul talked with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show about several topics, ranging from personal to political.

He started out the interview with an update on the deadly train crash in Virginia. In short, Paul said it was a terrible accident but could have been worse had the train derailed. He added that he was supposed to be on the train, but he was in New York watching a play before his appearance on The Late Show.

They moved on to talking about Paul’s somewhat rough year, after being present at the congressional baseball shooting and his recent assault.

Political topics took up the bulk of the interview. Paul discussed his stance on marijuana legalization, right to vote after serving time, the State of the Union address, benefit of tax cuts, Congress’ standstill on the nation’s deficit, DACA/legal immigration, and the Mueller investigation.

Colbert shed light on the fact that Paul applauded Trump at the SOTU address, but two years ago Paul said on the show that Trump would make a horrible president, calling him a “blowhard” and saying he was “unqualified to be commander and chief.” 

Paul joked that every time he stood up he “was clapping for himself” and that Colbert must have “misinterpreted that whole clap thing.” He did, however, praise Trump’s success on the tax cut bill saying it was going to benefit a lot of people.