Labour candidate’s brush with police on campaign trail (From The Argus)

A Labour candidate was asked to move away from Brighton Railway Station while campaigning for the nationalisation of the country’s rail service.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, standing in Brighton Kemptown, was asked to leave private property at the station this morning while trying to keep out of the rain on the campaign trail.

He wrote on social media: “This morning I arrived at Brighton Station to talk to commuters about voting Labour on Thursday.

“There was heavy rain so we stood under the shelter and were getting a great reception.

“Within minutes Southern Rail called the police to get us removed, clearly they aren’t too happy with the plans Labour have for their business model.

“This morning they said I was ‘trespassing on private property’.

“Well this Thursday let’s make it public property and accountable to the public again.”

A Southern spokesman said: “Whilst political candidates are free to campaign outside our stations on public land, we do not allow canvassing of any nature on station property.

“This policy has been consistently and equally applied to all parties through the election period.

“The candidate would have been welcome to take shelter under our canopy if they had stopped their political activity, or to continue campaigning off the station land.

“The police were called only after the candidate refused to leave.”