Larsen’s recent screed | Letters To Editor

I got all charged up reading Richard Larsen’s recent screed on the “cognitive dissonance” displayed by us liberals. For every one of his points, I found clear, factual responses showing how it’s the conservatives, not the liberals who hold hypocritical positions on tolerance, Western thought, bullying, racism, white privilege, socialism, science, firearms, public education, reproductive freedom, environmentalism and immigration.

Semi-righteous indignation flowed through my agnostic veins. “My friends are going to love this,” I thought to myself as I sat down at the keyboard. “That guy is just trying to journalistically bait us and I’m not going to let him slide this time. He’s just another stuck-up neocon who…”

And it didn’t go any further. I thought about the bumper sticker we put on our car which occasionally draws dirty looks from other drivers. It reads COEXIST. I thought about my old peace sign necklace, given to me at a military draft protest rally in Pocatello decades ago. Aren’t those symbols for more than “Liberals”? Aren’t we all hanging on in the rough waters the U.S. ship of state currently navigates? There’s too much of political pugilism already: “You liberals are nothing but a bunch of (fill in the blanks); Yeah, well you conservatives shouldn’t look in the mirror because all you’ll see is a (dot-dot-dot).”

Meanwhile, our nation is unravelling around us. This isn’t to say that holding fast to your world and political views isn’t important, or that expressing them is wrong. But we’ve got to realize that’s there’s good folks on almost all sides of the issues. Pax Americana starts at home, people.