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Demonstrations Against Kabila in Congo Leave at Least 6 Dead

In early 2017, Catholic leaders brokered an agreement allowing the president to lead a transitional government until the end of that year, when he was to step down and elections were to be held. The election never happened — a vote is are now scheduled for the end of this year — and Mr. Kabila […]

To the people

With few exceptions, a majority of 550 members of the seven provincial assemblies took an oath of office on Monday. This is a historic day in country's journey towards new political course following people's movement of 2006. With this, the implementation of constitution promulgated on September 20, … Source

McDonald will walk a tightrope between reassurance and change

Mary Lou McDonald has same task that all new political leaders face: how to reassure the ancien regime while emphasising the change that has taken place. In McDonald’s and Sinn Féin’s case the need for reassurance is especially acute. The party has been led by the same man since 1983 – a tenure of almost […]

A Death in Kosovo Stokes Fears and Threatens Peace

Still, he made clear that it was imperative that both sides act in good faith in the wake of Mr. Ivanovic’s killing in the northern city of Mitrovica, not far from the monastery. The investigation is an opportunity for the ethnic Albanian institutions to “show what they will do,” he said in a statement. On […]

Germany’s SPD votes for coalition talks with Merkel

At a special party congress in Bonn, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) voted to begin formal coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU alliance, a move that brings a new, Merkel-led administration closer to reality. Although Merkel’s political alliance emerged as the largest group in last September’s elections, its support was significantly dented. Since then, […]

While political prisoners released, Myanmar’s judicial reforms stall

YANGON (Reuters) – Hundreds of political prisoners have been released from Myanmar’s jails in amnesties in recent years, including dozens freed in January 2016, days before democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi’s party took power for the first time. Former President Barack Obama announced the lifting of U.S. sanctions in October 2016, citing the release […]

JAY-Z Tapped as First Guest on Upcoming ‘Van Jones Show’ Premiere

Former Obama policy adviser and CNN commentator Van Jones is starting his own new series on CNN. Titled The Van Jones Show, the series hopes to explore the current moment in American politics and race relations. “This is an opportunity to really reflect on where we are and where we are going,” Jones shared with […]

Davos and the challenge of modern leadership

It is that time of year again. More than 2,500 participants, hundreds of whom come with support staff, assistants and in some cases, their own security guards, are arriving at the alpine village of Davos, home to the world’s elite for one week every January. This year they come together at the annual meeting of […]