Leaders use hate speech because Kenyans love to hear people abuse each other, says NCIC’s Kaparo

Kenyans’ love for hate speech and vulgar language has caused the worrying increase of incitement and obscenity among political leaders and their supporters, NCIC chairman Francis Kaparo said on Friday.

“Most of the leaders who use the hate speech and abusive language regularly are being elected with big margins and others are unopposed. It is Kenyans who demand use of this language and there are always demands for these leaders to address the public [using the hate speech and offensive language] even in churches ,” Kaparo said.

Use of hate speech and lewd language among elected leaders in particular and ordinary mwananchi in general has reached fever pitch and Kaparo and religious leaders said it puts the country in danger.

Spiteful and obscene utterances that border on incitement in public meetings, churches and political rallies, and on social media have been on the rise.

Both Jubilee and NASA leaders, and their supporters have been hurling insults at each other during rallies.