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An open letter to Congressman Pat Meehan

To the Editor:

A few weeks ago I asked you to support having Ways and Means obtain President Trump’s tax returns. You said you feared “setting such a precedent would put the privacy of everyday American taxpayers at risk and subject to the political whims of Congress.”

Please explain how obtaining the president’s tax returns would impact us.

Please explain why getting Nixon’s tax returns through the same law in 1974 still hasn’t hurt us.

Please explain how you resolve your concern over our privacy with your vote to allow ISPs to sell our browsing history and Social Security numbers.

Please explain how obtaining the returns of a billionaire who refused to part with his business interests and who seems willing to use his office to increase his wealth doesn’t distinguish this case from anything involving us.

Please explain how either abuse of power or corrupting a presidential election is a political issue and not a constitutional one.

Please explain why loads of suspicious activities don’t worry you. Forget social media or even American mainstream media. Go to YouTube. Watch “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump” Parts 1 and 2 by an investigative Dutch program. If a foreign news organization could put this together, just imagine what the power of Congress could find.

Trump repeatedly criticized Hillary Clinton for sloppy handling of confidential information. Please explain why he revealed code word-level intelligence. And why in particular he revealed it to the Russians, who are friendly with Iran and who hate Israel (whose intelligence it apparently is). Please explain why investigating Trump’s actual breach of national security (not a potential breach, as he accused Clinton of), isn’t more important than avoiding a speculative breach of our privacy from Congress getting his tax returns.

If you believe the president is innocent, wouldn’t you want an investigation if only to put the matter to rest? Or is the GOP just holding on, hoping to pass tax cuts for the wealthy and gut as many business regulations as it can before the ship goes down?

A proper investigation should show if there is no there there. But we don’t know that today. You are a former U.S. attorney. You made your own reputation prosecuting political corruption. Yet you seem to have prejudged this outcome in the president’s favor. Is it a coincidence that everyone you prosecuted was a Democrat? Or do you just serve your party instead of your country?

Joel Cardis

Blue Bell