Letter: Honest, peaceful discussion is needed – Opinion – New Bern Sun Journal

Lately, protesters and counter protesters have been behaving badly

What has happened to Freedom of Speech? Whether you or I agree with what someone is saying, we have no right to stop them from saying it, with the rare exception such as yelling fire in a crowded room.

Lately, protesters and counter protesters have been behaving badly, neither side allowing the other to express opinions and beliefs in peace. This is not the American way.

If you do not have faith in your opinions and beliefs, political, religious or otherwise, you do not want those with opposing ideas to speak out. If you have the courage of your convictions, you are not concerned when opposing opinions are expressed.

Those who try and suppress speech, in any way, are cowards. Afraid to let opposing ideas be discussed, afraid they may discover their ideas are in error.

It is only by open, honest, peaceful discussion that we can discover common ground or agree to disagree. Shouting down the speech of those you disagree with is not acceptable.

Rodger Whitney, New Bern