Letter: Lack of humanity in nation shocking

In our current political and social climate our political leaders, my friends, and just the everyday folks I come in contact with have stupefied me. It seems as though common decency has gone by the wayside, and I feel as though our democracy is in danger.

Many folks on social media, the news media can often be nasty and tell only half-truths. I would be a hypocrite not to include myself in that criticism. I have tried to correct myself.

We have a president who lies. A general who gave out information that perhaps he was not made of aware of, that was patently false, and a congresswoman who should have stayed quiet about a call from President Donald Trump to a young woman who sadly lost her soldier husband in a recent battle. The president’s spokeswoman stated in a news conference that we should not question a former, four-star Marine general. I have a longer list but choose to leave it to current events.

Here is how I see it: All of the above owe the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson an apology. If we cannot question a former general or our president, we are doomed to become a nation of martial law, dictatorship or worse.

It’s time for everyone to think about cleaning up our acts and have political discourse in a civil, informed and intelligent manner.

Sally D’Agostino