Letter: Media shows its bias to left | Opinion

I often wonder what our nation would be experiencing now if Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election. Some say she did win, but our founders knew the popular vote would be unconstitutional based solely on population demographics. Hence the electoral college was mandated.

One thing is certain if she had won. She would be the darling of the media and have every advantage with regards to her policies and cabinet selections. They would be singing her praises and she could do no wrong, all because she represents the political philosophy of the progressive left-leaning media.

But should our media really be in the tank for any leader and incessantly portrayed as doing no wrong? That every decision he or she makes is beyond reproach and diligently protected by a press that undermines and destroys those who question their leadership? In other words, gotcha goons that defend and support a dictatorship?

Didn’t we just experience the prior administration’s honeymoon with the press, which led to eight years of constitutional dismantling by a community organizer who was not vetted and no one had ever heard of before?

Did you witness any intense opposition by the left-leaning media regarding the doubling of our national debt, failed international and racial relations, the scandals of Fast and Furious, IRS and Benghazi or the unconstitutional immigration policies and questionable Iran nuclear deal?

Thankfully, citizens saw through the media obstruction and bias in the last election and are becoming even more vigilant against the anarchy and civil unrest it embodies.

A free press is only free when it does not champion or protect any political party or group.