LETTER TO THE EDITOR: America is still great | Letters To The Editor

Editor, The Transcript:

A lot has been spoken about making America Great Again. In my opinion America is still the greatest nation on this planet. There is no “again”. Since America is about people when someone says make America Great Again they are saying America’s people are no longer great. We have always been and will continue to be great – provided we don’t let arrogance and personal greed destroy us. We can continue to be great if we work on the standards side of our society and not the self styled arrogance of a chest beating hateful society telling the world how great we are – and trying to prove it by belittling everyone who disagrees with us. American ego driven displays of military and economical strength only tend to diminish America’s greatest in the eyes of the world. Being a bully is no way to demonstrate being great. In fact, it is just the opposite. It describes a weakness and tends to divide rather than unite us.

America is an ever evolving concept of a diverse group of people governing their selves. Social media and other issues change how our society reacts to long existing issues. Gun laws, immigration, government regulations, safety net programs, various government (State and Federal) programs, and other long time issues are a few examples. There will always be social change impacting these issues so America must change, too. We certainly have our problems. There are new problems with each generation. People will always have difference of opinion and argue to justify their ideas on any given subject. It is when we deny other individuals the right to their own opinion by attempting to destroy the individual’s integrity or reputation versus discussing the basic issue that begins to undermine the Greatness of America. Name calling and bullying are related to hate and the lack of knowledge of a given subject. When we are not well informed on a given subject we often resort to name calling in an attempt to discredit another person and validate our point by trying to say something sensational to ignite misdirected emotions to support our position. Using hateful comments is one way of doing this.

For America to continue to be great requires every individual to work at eliminating hate and name calling in every part of our society – particularly the political arena. It sets a bad example. When individuals use demeaning phrases like, “make the lazy Medicaid recipients work for their benefits” we are demeaning people – the basic fabric of America. These type hate phrases indicate that all people on Medicaid are lazy and influenced by greed. This is not true. These demeaning comments can be said of influential individuals who use their “bully pulpit” and money to promote some ideological position attempting to enhance their image often contrary to the beliefs of many Americans. This is not the way to unite Americans.

I do not respect or trust individuals that use demeaning comments about others in an effort to promote some self serving or other cause. Just the title of an individual does not carry respect or trust. Both respect and trust must be earned.

You see, America is Great today regardless of what the “fake news” artist say while they pound their chest declaring how great they are as individuals. As for me I would never vote for one of these ego driven culprits or anyone that supports them regardless of political party affiliations. In fact, I would not vote at all if they are the only choice. They need to earn my vote.

Remember, Great Americans know how to think, not just what to think. Name calling and hate are a sign of intellectual weakness and not knowing how to think. Don’t be a victim of those who use hate to get a point across. Resist hateful thinking when you encounter it. Ask what people really mean by their hateful statement and can they unequivocally prove what they say.

It all begins with, “We the people – -“ being united. Being united regardless of our diversity is what makes us great. Unity won’t happen as long as we tolerate hateful thinking and name calling.