LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do not blame the left for the actions of the right | Opinion

Recently, The Red & Black published an article by guest columnist Ross Dubberly, which was a response to Jaime Conlan’s article on Charlottesville. In it, Dubberly blames the left for promoting violence. Many of his arguments were questionable.

Dubberly claims that white-supremacy is not a major part of American society. Based on the responses by the right and left after Charlottesville, I would like to believe Nazism is not a mainstream American value. However, Dubberly seems to believe that it does not exist at all in American culture, despite this country being founded on white supremacy. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, police brutality and well-documented racial discrimination in the criminal justice system have all been part of the American mainstream.

“Ms. Conlan fails to identify Trump’s contributions to the rise of white supremacy, despite mentioning his passivity and indifference towards the movement as a whole,” Dubberly said.

Dubberly does not seem to realize that the proof of Trump’s contribution to white supremacy is within his own sentence. By not explicitly condemning white supremacists, he implicitly gives them his support. Especially troubling is the fact Trump attacks Mexicans, Muslims, the media, women, his opponents, his allies and a number of others. For some reason, he holds back with white supremacists. His choice of Steve Bannon as part of his administration and his embrace of alt-right media like InfoWars and Breitbart have also endeared him to the “alt-right.”

“I also object to Ms. Conlan’s take on today’s political ‘hate’ which I find to be misguided. Nearly all political hate and violence emanate from the left,” Dubberly said.

He goes on to list a number of actions of violence from the left. One could just as easily provide a seemingly endless supply of hate-crimes committed by Trump supporters or right-wingers within the past few years.

“To ‘protest’ the scheduled speech of Milo Yiannopoulos at UC-Berkeley, campus leftists caused $100,000 worth of property damage and attacked two Berkeley College Republicans,” Dubberly said.

Yiannopoulos is hardly innocent. This is a man known for his hateful, inciteful language. During one of his campus stops, he openly mocked a transgender student, and encouraged others to do so. He led a racist brigade against Leslie Jones, which got him promptly banned from Twitter. While he was speaking at the University of Washington, two of his followers shot a protester in a premeditated act of violence. No wonder students don’t want him on their campuses.

“Meanwhile, the hate, intolerance and violence of the left-wing is mainstream,” Dubberly said.

This is news to me. To try and blame “mainstream” leftism for violence is to ignore the years of mainstream violent rhetoric from the right. To say that right-wing violence is rare, that leftists are the true terror to American safety or that Trump has not subtly encouraged them, is to be totally unaware of our reality.