LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gloria Harmon for Trump – News – Waxahachie Daily Light

To the Editor,

Big prophetic question for Nov 8, 2016: who stands to lose the most after election day?

Trump, himself, admits a defeat will be a HUGE waste of time and his money. For Hillary, it will be a reported billion dollar loss of other people’s money.

The loser may suffer humiliation, and the winner will surely fly high as a kite!

Trump reveals he can return to his former life as a businessman if he chooses, and even can reside on Pennsylvania Ave. in his revived Wash D.C. post office Grand Hotel.

HRC has her residence in Westchester N.Y. and she and Bill Clinton can retain the lucrative Clinton Foundation. However, if she longer has political clout, as when she was Secretary of State, how many donations will go into the “charitable” fund? Just ask Haiti. In 2010, after the devastating earthquake, this foundation was designated to disperse the 14.2 BILLION dollars it received to rebuild Haiti. Ask Haitians and some Haitian dignitaries that reported they benefited just 2% of the 14.2 BILLION dollars in donations.

Many post politicians go on the lucrative public speaking tours, like Clintons being paid millions of dollars. But with Mrs. and President Obama, as new private citizens, whom will these big corporations and institutions choose between Clintons or popular Obamas?

It appears, of our two candidates, one can continue to be a successful survivor, and another will be in a first time precarious situation of eeking out a living, without a government check with benefits, other corporation and political contributions and pay for play donations. Both candidates will ultimately reap what they have sown. Hillary has only one choice. Trump has many. I, for one would love to see her, like I have before, make it on her own.

Thus, will Americans win or lose after the election?

Who will boast and who will toast?

Who will unify and who will divide?

Who will win and who will lose?

Will the civil war ever end?

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie