LETTER: Urge Meehan to stand with immigrants | Opinion

To the Editor:

I am worried that Congressman Patrick Meehan does not stand with immigrants. I have met with him multiple times and shared information from multiple sources about the lower crime rate in immigrant communities, the billions of dollars immigrants contribute to our GDP and the high costs for the taxpayer from bad immigration policies.

Meehan voted yes on: HR 3003 “No Sanctuary for Criminal Act” and HR 3004 “Kates Law” and approved a spending bill with a $1.57 billion dollar fund for the border wall.

With his vote of yes for HR 3003, he could defund cities and counties, like Montgomery County, Bucks County and Delaware County, for following the Fourth Amendment. He and his staffers have ignored that sanctuary cities are not more dangerous than other cities. He would remove our funding for health, education and infrastructure instead of passing migratory reform.

With his vote of yes on HR 3004 or Kate’s Law, he would increase the number of people in our prisons and put more immigrants in jail. He and his staffers have ignored the fact that even Kate’s parents are not backing her name be used and her death would not have been prevented by this bill.

He has approved a spending bill that includes the construction of a $22 million a mile border wall with Mexico. He and his staffers are ignoring that migration from the Mexican border has been decreasing for the last 30 years. Our country would benefit from health care for all, free college education and better infrastructure instead of having a political border wall.

What data are Pat Meehan and his staffers using to determine these migratory policies? Montgomery County is not more dangerous than other counties. Taxpayers should not have to pay for mandatory minimum sentences that would overcrowd our jails. Taxpayers should not have to pay for a political wall that would not significantly reduce border crossings.

Why is Pat Meehan ignoring immigrants and instead punishing them with the bills? Why is he punishing the taxpayers that live in his district?

I would like to see elected officials concerned about the counties they govern instead of following ideologies. I urge your readers to contact Pat Meehan and urge him to stand with immigrants.

— Kim McCollum, Harleysville