Letter: Wasted money | Letters to the Editor

If SCANA executives were this sloppy about building a nuclear power plant, it’s truly frightening to think how they would’ve managed it had it ever come online.

The amount of money wasted, when divided by the number of customers these utilities serve, comes to about $3,500 per South Carolina household by my calculations.

Our legislators are scrambling to cover themselves, claiming they want to find out how something like this could’ve happened. They’re shocked — shocked, I tell you!

They’ve set up committees and are holding hearings to investigate what could have gone wrong. Gov. Henry McMaster is eager to get to the bottom of this too, and is assuring our citizens he’s not willing to let us pay for this debacle. He claims he’ll sell Santee Cooper and everything will work out.

Maybe the legislators and the governor should start by investigating themselves. SCANA’s political contributions were over $1 million in 2016 alone. Why would anyone be surprised that legislators voted against the interests of their constituents?

Michael J. Nolan

Northbridge Drive