Letter: Weed out corrupt politicians – Opinion – The State Journal-Register

As an independent voter, I am sick and tired of the Democratic Machine controlling our elections. This is why I am supporting Erika Harold for attorney general.

Illinois has long been dominated by corrupt politicians that care more about themselves than doing the right thing. In 2002, our current attorney general, Lisa Madigan, ran on a platform of fighting government corruption, even saying she would investigate her dad, House Speaker Mike Madigan, if it was necessary. Has she?

As someone who has followed the career of Erika Harold since her win as Miss America, I can speak personally to her passion in addressing the widespread problems of Illinois, and our youth of this state. Especially the gun violence, bullying and harassment that goes on in our schools.

We do not need Pat Quinn to assume another political office he will disappoint us in, nor do we need a chauvinist like Kwame Raoul.

Ms. Harold is obviously very intelligent, and would clearly be better positioned to stand as an objective force against corruption in our state. Be it against Republicans, Democrats, powerful politicians or law-shirking corporations. This is a problem we all must address, Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

As a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, I can also see her attacking the opioid epidemic that has infiltrated our communities head-on at the top.

I encourage everyone to consider the mold and vote for the highly talented and qualified Erika Harold. I say we give her a chance.

Minister Gary T. Pierce

Director of Key of David Ministries