Letter: Will rally be start of pro-worker coalition?

Dear editor,

On Monday, I saw a bunch of “thugs” from across the commonwealth descend on Frankfort to defend public education and pensions in a beautiful and inspiring display of solidarity.

My social media was similarly full of people, spanning the political spectrum, expressing their support for Kentucky teachers. It seems our Republican legislators forgot that one of the biggest employers in many rural communities is the local board of education.

Most of those communities voted heavily for President Donald Trump and Gov. Matt Bevin, who both rode into office on a tide of fear, lies and disappointment. But the people in those communities are waking up to the fact that those who earn your vote by appealing to fear and hatred will throw you under the bus as soon as it is convenient.

Those who do not care enough to stand by and protect the most vulnerable among us will not stand by you or protect you when you need them.

As a commonwealth and nation, we must remember that “united we stand, divided we fall.” We shall either stand in solidarity with one another in mutual support and care, regardless of class, color and creed, or we will be torn apart and preyed upon by those who wish to sow division, resentment and hatred.

I hope this is the beginning of a pro-worker coalition throughout the commonwealth that stands in solidarity against the state and its big-business masters and demands dignity and a fair wage for every worker in the state.

Zachary Horn