Letters: Oct. 11, 2017 | Opinion

Gerrymandering topic of meeting 

Partisan gerrymandering is the practice that allows the party in power to tilt the political playing field in their favor through the task of redrawing the congressional districts. A study done by the ISTA found that Indiana House districts are some of the worst example of gerrymandering in the entire country. Gerrymandering leads to uncompetitive districts and lower voter turnout. Indiana’s voter turnout in 2014 was the lowest in the country at

28 percent.

House and Senate Districts are redrawn every 10 years following the Federal Census. To solve this problem before redistricting is done in 2020, a bipartisan legislative study committee met in the summer of 2016. The study committee recommended all legislative and congressional districts be based solely on population, not politics. Legislation was introduced in the 2017 Indiana General Assembly to ensure a transparent process. The bill was stopped in committee. What are the plans for the 2018 General Assembly?

Gerrymandering and redistricting will be the topic of the Montgomery County Democrats meeting at 7 p.m. Monday in the Crawfordsville District Public Library. Oscar Anderson, co-president of the Indiana League of Women Voters will share his experience from last year and plans for the coming session.

Everyone who is interested is invited to attend.

Virginia Servies

Montgomery County Democrat Party Chair


Officials should serve the public

I view the whole field of political candidates from the standpoint of how they can best serve the people.

Joe Donnelly spoke one way on a very important issue when campaigning for office in the previous Indiana elections. When elected, he did a 180-degree turn around on this issue. We, as Indiana citizens, need to deliver a message that this is a no-no. His only campaign tactic now is to try to scare the Medicare people in an attempt to gather votes. Make Donnelly a one-term Senator.

Against Phil Boots as an Indiana legislator. He needs replaced.

Against Sharon Negeley as an Indiana legislator. The voters in Indiana missed an opportunity for removing Negeley from the Indiana legislature. It is difficult to get voters aligned in a consummate effort, but it can be done. Maybe the next time around.

Against Eric Holcomb as governor. I realize that we the voters had only Holcomb and Gregg as the two major choices for the office in the last election. Not much of a choice. Holcomb decided that the easy way out in Indiana finances was to raise taxes and generate new taxation on the people of Indiana. In a letter to Holcomb, I suggested there be assessments made of Indiana finances in order to cut from within. I was greeted by a letter thanking me for my opinion. But Holcomb evidently was not too worried about the Indiana government financial condition. Afer all, he recently took that trip overseas at the expense of the taxpayers of Indiana. Let’s don’t make the same mistake at the poles. Vote Holcomb out.

People, go vote. It’s your state. Have a stake in how it is run.

Donald McDonald