LETTERS: Readers fume over property appraisals and debate high ground on abortion | Letters

The big tax ruse

I repeatedly hear the local appraisal office proclaim it is not increasing our taxes. How can it say that with a straight face? Multiple times our newspaper has published how property values have doubled downtown with double-digit increases in many other areas. The county is only mincing words between tax rates and taxes paid. They are in effect raising taxes if they are not lowering rates after such huge property-value increases.

The problem I have is the county is rolling in a huge tax-revenue windfall from unprecedented property appraisal increases but refuses to reduce the tax rate to hold our property taxes somewhat the same in actual dollars paid. Obviously, they do not care about their citizens.

I for one think the chief tax appraisal officer should be an elected position. This would hold that position accountable in these types of situations as they are certainly not held accountable for citizens’ best interest now.

If the county was making ends meet prior to the massive appraisal increases, what are they doing with the extra large windfall they will now enjoy? My assumption is they are already finding ways to spend this newfound cash cow because I hear nothing of a tax-rate rollback at this point.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A bill by state Rep. Mark Keough to make the chief appraiser an elected position died in the Texas House Ways and Means Committee this session.

How about this citizen?

I have noticed two strategies in political debate. Contestants try to cast their views as the moral high ground. Second, when making a particularly difficult case, they deploy euphemisms.

Donna M. Myers in a June 4 letter states in part, “Anyone should be allowed to move to our country and follow a path to citizenship without fear. No one should be harmed because of the shade of his or her skin or religious preference.”

What a proclamation of openness to life! But what about the lives of babies in the womb? For these, Myers falls back on a euphemism stating she supports “a woman’s right to plan her family.” Although she doesn’t say it, we all know what she means. She supports a free market for abortion.

Myers’ support for abortion deflates her claim to high moral ground. Yes, she gives “it” a nice-sounding name. But she’s a supporter of abortion — a national, and now a Waco, holocaust.

I challenge defenders of abortion to speak in plain terms. “It [abortion] kills the life of a baby after it has begun.” My source for these plain-spoken words is a 1952 Planned Parenthood brochure.

With the resumption of abortion at Planned Parenthood in Waco, we will encourage a mother’s decision for life for her baby, opening “a path to citizenship without fear.”

John Pisciotta, Pro-Life Waco director