Live updates from the 2018 municipal elections

UPDATE 11:31 p.m.: Results are now in for West Palm Beach, Greenacres and Palm Beach.  All but two precincts have been tallied in Lake Worth. 

Results from all of today’s municipal elections are below.

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UPDATE 11:09 p.m.: There are still four cities and towns with races that are too close to call. They include West Palm Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth and Palm Beach. 

According to the Supervisor of Elections Office, electronic cartridges from some voting machines could not be read at one of the office’s satellite facility, so they are being taken to the main tabulation center in Rivera Beach.

The cartridges include ballot tallies for Greenacres, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. Early results from those cities, as well as the 18 other municipalities that had elections today, are listed below.

UPDATED 8:24 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting,  Lauri Melear appeared headed for victory  the Group 1 race. Allan Kaulbach lead the Group 3 race.

In the Group 5 race, Catherine Higgins appears to have defeated Paul Mozen.


* Keller Lanahan 
* Lauri Melear 

* Allan Kaulbach 
* David Kintz 
* Catherine Higgins 
* Paul Mozen 

UPDATED 8:26 p.m.: Larry Underwood, Mary Ross Wilkerson, and Johnny Burroughs, Jr. appeared to have defeated their opponents in three separate races for seats on the city’s commission.


* Hope Christler-Jackson 
* Larry Underwood 

* Robert C. Mitchell 
* Mary Ross Wilkerson 

* Kevin A. Brown 
* Johnny Burroughs Jr 
* Damita “Doe” Dowers 

UPDATE 9:18 p.m.: With all precincts reporting, incumbent Jeremy Rodgers and newcomer Monica Mayotte appear to have won seats on the Boca Raton City Council.

In a three-way race with no incumbents, Mayotte, an environmental sustainability consultant, soundly defeated challengers Armand Grossman and Paul Preste.

Mayotte won about 67 percent of the 6,700 votes cast, to Grossman’s 27 percent and Preste’s 6 percent, according to the elections supervisor.


* Jeremy Rodgers 
* Kim Do 

* Monica Mayotte 
* Armand Grossman 
* Paul G. Preste 

Update 9:28 p.m.: With all precincts reporting, Adam Frankel, a former commissioner has defeated two challengers in the three-way race for Delray Beach City Commission Seat 1.

In the race for Seat 3, challenger Ryan Boylston defeated incumbent Mitch Katz.

In the big-ticket race for mayor, Shelly Petrolia beat Jim Chard.


* Richard Alteus 
* Eric Camacho 
* Adam Frankel 
 SEAT 3 

* Ryan Boylston 
* Mitchell Katz 
 SEAT 5 (Mayor) 

* Jim Chard 
* Shelly Petrolia

UPDATE 11:27 p.m.:  With all precincts reporting, Councilwoman Judy Dugo appears to have defeated Brian Willever in the District 3, winning 69 percent of the vote. Meanwhile,  former councilman Jonathan Pearce appears to have defeated councilman Anderson Thelusme in District 4 race.  Pearce had 52.3 percent of the vote.

All six charter amendment questions appeared to have been approved by voters.


* Judy Dugo 
* Brian L. Willever 

* Jonathan Pearce 
* Anderson Thelusme 
BALLOT QUESTION 1: Shall the Greenacres city charter be amended to provide that the term of office for mayor and council members be changed from two years in length to four years, effective March 13, 2018? 
BALLOT QUESTION 2: Shall the city charter be amended to allow the city council to appoint a council member to fill the mayor’s seat in event of a vacancy and to provide that if no council member wants to surrender his or her council seat to serve as mayor, then the deputy mayor will serve as mayor pro-tem until the next election? 
 BALLOT QUESTION 3: Shall the city charter be amended to require that the council fill a vacancy on the council with a temporary appointment, who will serve until the next election, with that time period not counting toward future term limits? 
 BALLOT QUESTION 4: Shall the charter be amended to set term limits of three consecutive terms for the mayor as mayor and three consecutive terms for a council member as council member? 
 BALLOT QUESTION 5: hall the charter be amended to provide that neither the city’s fire department or its police department may be outsourced in the future without approval of the voters? 
BALLOT QUESTION 6: Shall the charter be amended to provide that the city manager and city attorney are hired and fired by the “full Council” defined as the Mayor and the Council? 

UPDATE 9 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Daniel H. Sohn appears to have defeated Miguel Castillo de Fuentes in the Seat 2 race.


* Miguel Castillo de Fuentes 
* Daniel H. Sohn 

UPDATE 9:05 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Alysen Africano-Nila appeared to have defeated Bill Weitz.

Meanwhile, Peggy Gossett-Seidman had a lead over three other candidates. 

Voters turned down a ballot question that would allow the town to spend money on streetscape improvements.


* Alysen Africano-Nila 
* Bill Weitz 

* Carl Lee Gehman 
* Peggy Gossett-Seidman 
* George Kelvin 
* John Ross 
 BALLOT QUESTION: May the town spend up to $2.1 million in property taxes on streetscape improvements including a new walk path, upgraded signage, landscaping and lighting? 

Update 8:28 p.m.:  With all of the precincts reporting, Stuart Katz appeared headed for victory over Michele Greene in the Seat 2 race.

 SEAT 2 

* Michele Greene 
* Stuart Katz 

UPDATE 11:26 p.m.: With all but two precincts reporting, Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo was well ahead of political newcomer Drew Martin for a fourth term as the city’s leader while city commissioner Scott Maxwell is ahead of  Sarah Malega, in the District I seat.


* Drew A. Martin 
* Pam Triolo 

* Sarah Parr Malega 
* Scott Maxwell 

UPDATE 11:18 p.m.: Political newcomer Phillis Maniglia has unseated longtime Loxahatchee Groves resident Ron Jarriel for Seat 1 on the town council. 

 Maniglia’s win came by a very narrow margin: Just four votes. She had 255 votes and Jarriel had 251, according to the Supervisor of Elections website just after 11 p.m. Tuesday, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. A third challenger, Neil O’Neal III, had 85 votes. The margin between Maniglia and Jarriel was not great enough to force a recount, and runoff elections in Loxahatchee Groves only are held if there is a tie.


* Ronald D. Jarriel Sr. 
* Phillis M. Maniglia 
* Neil O’Neal III 

UPDATE 9:43 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Deborah Searcy appeared to have won the Group 1 race. Mark Mullinix appeared to have defeated Pride Grinn in the Group 5 race.


* Bob Gebbia 
* Deborah Searcy 

* Pride Grinn 
* Mark Mullinix 

8:29 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Kristine de Haseth and Philip Besler appeared headed to victory.

COMMISSIONER (vote for two) 
* Gail Adams Aaskov 
* Philip Besler 
* Kristine de Haseth 

UPDATE 8:15 p.m.: With all of precincts reporting, Benny L. Everett III appeared to have won the Group 1 race. Sara Perez appeared headed to victory in the Group 2 seat.

A majority of voters supported the ballot question, which would allow the vice mayor to be appointed by sitting commissioners.


* Benny L. Everett III 
* Nathaniel Holmes 

* Felisia Hill 
* Sara Perez 
 BALLOT QUESTION: Shall the city charter be amended to require that the vice mayor be appointed by the sitting commissioners at the first regular meeting in April each year? 

UPDATE 9 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Lew Crampton has defeated Harris S. Fried. Crampton earned 60 percent of the vote.


* Lew Crampton 
* Harris S. Fried 

UPDATE 9:25 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Palm Beach Gardens voters said they support requiring term-limited council members to sit out for three years, with only absentee ballots in.

Palm Beach Gardens voters also supported electing City Council members by plurality rather than majority, according to early results. That means the highest vote-getter wins, even if he or she does not get more than 50 percent of the vote.

Voters also agreed to annex the unincorporated neighborhoods of Bay Hill Estates, the Preserve at Bay Hill Estates, and Rustic Lakes.

Note: A Palm Beach County judge on March 2 threw out the first two ballot questions on the Palm Beach Gardens ballot. Because ballots had already been printed, those questions will remain on the ballots, but votes for those questions will not be counted. Votes for questions 3 and 4 and the annexation referendum of county pocket voters will count.

 QUESTION 3: Shall the charter be amended to say term-limited council members must be out of office for three years prior to being re-elected, meaning that they may not run for the council again until the second regularly scheduled city election after they leave office. 
 QUESTION 4: Shall the charter be amended to establish that council elections can be won by a plurality vote rather than the now-required majority vote, eliminating the need for runoff elections because the candidate receiving the highest number of votes for a seat would be elected? 
 ANNEXATION REFERENDUM: Shall Palm Beach Gardens annex the unincorporated neighborhoods of Bay Hill Estates, the Preserve at Bay Hill Estates, and Rustic Lakes? (Only voters in the area proposed for annexation will vote on this question; a majority of them must approve for the annexation to pass.) 

UPDATE 8:21 p.m.: Challenger Julie Botel trounced 10-year incumbent Dawn Pardo, while City Council Chairwoman KaShamba Miller-Anderson fended off her challenger, Keith Golden, by a wide margin, in a race strongly affected by anger over the firing of popular city manager Jonathan Evans.

 With 22 of 23 precincts in, Miller-Anderson — who supported the manager — had 2,731 votes to 1,577 in for Palm Beach fire battalion chief Golden in District 2, a newcomer to politics,a margin of 63 percent to 37 percent.

In District 4 on Singer Island, Botel won with 3,505 votes to 944 for Pardo, who voted to fire him — or 79 percent to 21 percent. Botel, a former deputy school superintendent in Pennsylvania, was critical of the firing.


* Keith Golden 
* KaShamba L. Miller-Anderson 

* Julia Botel 
* Dawn S. Pardo 

UPDATE 9:44 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Mayor Fred Pinto and Councilwoman Selena Smith appeared to have won re-election.  

The incumbents edged out their challengers: Former councilwoman Martha Webster for Pinto’s seat, and political newcomer Sam Roman for Smith’s Group 3 seat.


* Fred Pinto 
* Martha Webster 

* Sam Roman 
* Selena Smith 

UPDATE 9:49 p.m.: Joe Kyles and Betty Barnard appeared to have defeated their challengers in two separate races.

 SEAT 2 

* Barbara Ann King 
* Joe Kyles 
 SEAT 4 

* Betty Barnard 
* Shanique Scott

UPDATE 8:30 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Robert Gottlieb, Stella G. Jordan and  C.W. “Bill” LeRoy  appeared headed to victory.

COUNCIL (vote for three) 
* Robert Gottlieb 
* Stella G. Jordan 
* C.W. “Bill” LeRoy 
* Mary Alessandra Hall 
* Kevin M. Hall 
* Ray McMillan 

UPDATE 8:31 p.m.: With all of the precincts reporting, Laurie Brandon appears to have defeated Steve Okun in the Seat 3 race.

Kristi Johnson, meanwhile, was headed to victory in the Seat 5 race.


* Laurie Brandon 
* Steve Okun 
 SEAT 5 

* Frank D’Ambra III 
* Kristi Johnson 

UPDATE 9:24 p.m.: Vice Mayor John McGovern and Councilwoman Tanya Siskind have won re-election in Wellington.

* Frank J. Ferrano 
* Tanya Siskind 
 SEAT 3 

* John McGovern 
* Bart Novack 

UPDATE 11:34 p.m.: Incumbent Shanon Materio appears to have lost her District 5 seat to challenger Christina D’Elosua Lambert.  With all of the precincts reporting, Lambert had 51.18 percent of the vote. 

Newcomer Kelly Shoaf easily won the open District 1 seat.


* Kelly Shoaf 
* Martina Tate Walker 

* Christina D’Elosua Lambert 
* Sharon “Shanon” Materio