Local leaders take to the Mississippi for night of conversation


Forget a board room or office.

On the Mississippi River Wednesday, dozens of businessmen and women networked with Rochester’s political leadership.

It’s a chance for people to get to know one another, hosted by the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce.

This is the 12th year they’ve put on the event, and it’s all about having an open conversation with business owners and our local elected officials.

It started off with a question and answer session led by two members of the Rochester City Council and of the Olmsted County Board.

Some of the topics discussed included property taxes, affordable housing, and administrative leadership, especially because both the county and city are getting new administrators after decades.

But regardless of any work related conversation, our local leaders look forward to this event every year.

“Well the thing we always look for of course is to just, it’s another way to take the pulse of the community. Just hear what’s on their mind whether it be taxes or property. Or, just – any number of issues,” Randy Staver, City Council President, said. ” Often time public safety is a question that gets asked so, once again, it just gives us an opportunity as elected to interact and hear what’s on their minds of people.” 

People there tonight said that relaxed environment allows them to really get to know their elected officials which in turn benefits the local community.