Local political parties react to President Trump’s State of the

WICHITA FALLS – It’s been a year since President Donald Trump took office promising change for the country.

Wichita County Republican Party Primary Vice Chair, Annette Barfield told us, “I think it’s been a very successful one and there are 4 things that I can point to as for the reason for that success.” 

Barfield said one the main things that makes President Trump’s first year in office very successful is the passing of the tax bill, something the democratic party does not agree on.

“Most of the things that he ran on, he has not been able to accomplish,” Wichita County Democratic Party Chairman, John Richie stated. “The vast majority of Americans will not see any tax release and if that’s a marker for success than I’m kind of at a loss for words at this point.” 

The tax bill is not the only thing Richie finds disappointing, “We still do not have proper infrastructure funding, he said he wanted a trillion dollars to help with infrastructure and we haven’t seen a nickel put towards that.” 

Barfield believes the good outweighs the bad, saying, “I think it’s better than we expected, to be honest, I mean there was some disappointment along the way for sure, the repeal of Obamacare, that was a disappointment for sure for the party but it’s been a good year.” 

As far as immigration, and the president’s on-going battle to build a wall.

Barfield said, “We want a wall, we believe that securing our borders is a right that we have as a country.”

Richie added, “The fact of the matter is we don’t necessarily need a wall, we have so many advances in technology that we can find ways to use that to be able to patrol the border.” 

One thing these two can agree on is that a deal on immigration can be made with the right compromise and as the president begins his second year in office, many continue to wonder what else is there to come.

With the March primary approaching, both parties are also doing their part to make sure Wichita county residents are registered to vote.

The last day to register is February 5th and the first day of early voting will begin February 20.