Macedonia’s Far Rightists Flee VMRO DPMNE’s Embrace :: Balkan Insight

The new moderate policies of Macedonia’s main right-wing party are alienating radical nationalists – and creating a vacuum on the far right that others will seek to fill.

Goce Trpkovski

The booing directed against Macedonia’s main right-wing party, VMRO DPMNE, in front of one of its headquarters in central Skopje, on February 27, was a sign of the times.

The rally was held to protest against the prospect of concessions being offered to Greece over Macedonia’s name – and the hostility of the crowd revealed that VMRO DPMNE had lost the loyalty of part of its old constituency.

The fact that the former ruling party has distanced itself from such nationalist gatherings has disappointed many of its old supporters.

And, as VMRO DPMNE loses their confidence, smaller political groups are busy, trying to occupy this empty space on the right.