MAILBAG: Rick Abbott works for all of his constituents | Opinion

I am writing to endorse the re-election of Rick Abbott as alderman in the 5th Ward in the city of Lockport. I have known Rick for many years and worked closely with him in 2015, while serving as city Democratic chairman.

Rick is running in the Democratic primary because the current city committee failed to endorse him. I believe a major sticking point was the issue of ambulance manning.

When Rick ran in 2015, he said he would support the manning of the ambulance by city firefighters if it were fiscally possible. Rick received the endorsement of the firefighters’ union at that time.

I am under the impression that the current city chairman, and others, insisted on unconditional support for the firefighters. It is certainly appropriate for political activists to promote their views.

But once sworn in as an alderman, an individual has to look beyond partisanship, and weigh what is best for city residents of all political persuasions. (Our longstanding mess in Congress is due to their failure to put principle, and the welfare of the nation, above partisan interests.)

Ironically, Rick’s position on this issue was vindicated when the fire union gave up the ambulance service during recent labor negotiations.

Rick has demonstrated that he is a hardworking representative dedicated to solutions that serve all his constituents. I believe he is certainly worthy of re-election.

Ed Tracy, Lockport