Majongwe predicts President’s landslide victory in 2018 polls

Mr Majongwe

Mr Majongwe

Zvamaida Murwira, Harare Bureau
PRESIDENT Mugabe will win the 2018 general elections with an even wider margin than before because he has managed to identify himself with the people while the opposition has been concentrating on bickering among themselves, Progressive Teachers Union secretary general Mr Raymond Majongwe has predicted.

Mr Majongwe, a well-known President Mugabe and Government critic, said the Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces will defeat opposition parties, adding that none of the current parties and individuals had the stamina to match Zanu-PF.

He said this last Friday where he was one of the panelists during a public debate discussing the political future of the country.

Others panelists included Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association chairperson Mr Christopher Mutsvangwa. Mr Majongwe said President Mugabe continued to spearhead developmental projects in the country while the opposition was not doing anything, save to mock him about his advanced age.

“Many of us cannot compete against that 93-year-old man and it is unfortunate that I have to tell you, that in 2018 (President) Mugabe is going to win with a bigger margin. Changes don’t come by accident, the reason why Christiano Ronaldo is the best player is that he does not go drinking and then comes to play, he works hard for what he does. The opposition in this country where is it today? (President) Mugabe is walking like a snail addressing people, opening bridges, (while) the opposition is busy laughing on social media saying look at him, he is falling,” said Mr Majongwe.

He described the MDC-T led by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai as naïve. “Many of us take (President) Mugabe for granted. I have always said the reason why the MDC and many other parties might not, may not even become the next government is that they do not know Zanu-PF. They are too narrow, too naïve, ideologically bankrupt to understand what they are dealing with,” he said.

“I want to repeat, kuState House kure especially in this country. It’s not an easy journey. Mugabe was Mandela before Mandela. These are the facts. Mugabe became a hero not only in this country,” he said.

He slammed Mr Tsvangirai for making threats to service chiefs, saying this was self-defeating.

Mr Majongwe outlined development spearheaded by the Government in education, land reform and judiciary among other areas.

“After the Cyclone Dineo occurred, what did the opposition do, nothing! What did Mugabe do — go to the people in that region, they do not know of any other political party that came to them other than Zanu-PF. Whatever they brought is of no consequence. That is why I say the party that will replace Zanu-PF has not yet been formed. The leaders have not yet come to the party,” said Mr Majongwe.

“(President) Mugabe will run this country whether you want it or not because of naivety and ideological bankruptcy that characterises the people of this generation, there are those that call themselves political parties and yet they are masters of pretence and political maggots in this country,” he said.

Mr Mutsvangwa commended the security services saying the good organisational structure has not only seen the country attaining independence, but led to the country surviving up to date in the wake of illegal sanctions.

He said there were few bad apples in Government whom he said had suddenly become ambitious.