Malala shares message of peace and unity to sold out crowd at UB

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Alumni Arena at the University at Buffalo’s North Campus was completely filled for a sold out Distinguished Speakers Series Tuesday night.

The youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize and a women’s rights activist, Malala Yousafzai spoke to a diverse crowd of more than 6,000 people.

Malala survived an attack from the Taliban in 2012 at just 15 years-old for demanding that girls be allowed to go to school. Malala is now known around the world for refusing to be silenced.

“Because they wanted to silence me in Swat Valley in Pakistan and now I’m speaking globally for all girls in the world,” said Malala on the stage at UB.

Malala shared a message of peace and unity and her dreams of sending every girl in the world to school.

“I want to send all girls to school, I want education for everyone. Right now there are 130 million girls deprived of education.”

Girls all over the world look at Malala as an inspiration and a role model.

“Shes like a role model for me too, I would love to be like her someday and speak up more with confidence,” said Zarifa Jan Deo, originally from Afghanistan, now living in Pennsylvania.

“That’s what inspires me, even though she had an accident she fought after, she got up and fought again and kept on going, she never gave up on anything,” said Fathiya Mohmaed, high school student in Buffalo, originally from Somalia.

“I think it’s really inspirational to see a young lady who was tormented by a ruthless regime and spreading the word of peace, especially in today’s world wide political spectrum,” said Tahir Chauhdry, Olean resident.

Fans say by Malala coming to Buffalo it gives women and men the confidence to make a change.

“Malala is a great role model, she’s showed us that women are equal to men,” said Isa Habeeb, Buffalo resident.

“She’s so motivational and I just want to do what she did in a different way,” said Mariya Sami, high school student in Buffalo, originally from Iraq.

The Buffalo based global non-profit group, Girls Education Collaborative sponsored the event.