Manon Massé, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois become new voices of Québec Solidaire – Montreal

Québec Solidaire officially has a new voice.

Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois received the most votes from party members to become the next co-spokespeople of the party.

The announcement was made on Sunday at their annual convention, which is being held this weekend in Montreal.  

“It’s a beautiful and great moment for our party, for the left in Quebec and for democracy in Quebec,” said Nadeau-Dubois, who added it was the start of a new era for the party.

Québec Solidaire, a pro-sovereignist, left-wing party, does not have a traditional political leadership structure; rather, it appoints a male and female spokesperson to articulate the views of its members.

Massé, one of the two remaining Québec Solidaire members with a seat in the National Assembly, ran for the position unopposed. 

She has been interim co-spokesperson for ​Québec Solidaire since January, when longtime leader and party co-founder Françoise David stepped away from political life.

Quebec Solidaire members

Québec Solidaire’s annual convention is being held this weekend in Montreal. (Radio-Canada)

“I think me and Gabriel with Québec Solidaire will do some great work these next few years and, of course, eventually govern,” said Massé.

Nadeau-Dubois, a former student leader who emerged as a household name during the so-called Maple Spring student protests in 2012, ran against Sylvain Lafrenière, a community worker.

Difficult discussion ahead 

Québec Solidaire members will also weigh in on a potential alliance with the Parti Québécois. 

Some party faithful have expressed hesitation about any possible pact

“It’s a difficult discussion, and a tense discussion because it’s not often in the life of a political party that you discuss with whom you want to make an alliance and what conditions,” said Nadeau-Dubois. ​

He added that he was open to at least starting a dialogue with the PQ. 

On Sunday party members also gave the go ahead to open a discussion with pro-sovereignty party Option National about a possible merger. 

Québec Solidaire finished fourth in the 2014 provincial election, with only eight per cent of the popular vote.