Maritzburg College faces backlash over disciplinary action

The party expressed its “unconditional support” for the learners .

“We reject this as pure apartheid‚ Nazi and colonial thinking on the part of the school.

“In our democracy‚ there is no bylaw‚ rule or school code of conduct that must be inconsistent with our supreme law of the land‚ the constitution. Maritzburg High‚ by charging our young fighters‚ is in direct violation of the constitution. It is offending their rights to freedom of expression.

“The young men have not killed anyone‚ stolen anything or caused any physical harm. They have simply expressed an idea and by suppressing them‚ the school is not only anti-intellectual but also scared of the truth.

The school is dancing to white supremacist tunes‚ thus reproducing itself as hostile to our democratic order. “The EFF wants to send a strong warning to Maritzburg High that we are ready to defend the democratic rights of our supporters with any revolutionary means possible. We demand that they drop their reactionary and unconstitutional charges with immediate effect or face the full might of our mass power.”

Twitter users have noted that Pietersen tweet has caused huge drama. Mninawa Ntloko‏ @ntlokom tweeted: “This Kevin Pietersen has succeeded in turning this debacle into a PR nightmare for Maritzburg College! Now the whole country is watching.”

Pietersen was asked by Maritzburg College to delete the tweet. He refused to do so.

While the saga rages on‚ Pietersen appears to be oblivious to it and is posting photos of himself enjoying the beaches in the Maldives and drinking champagne.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education spokesman’s Kwezi Mthethwa said the department was investigating.

If the charge sheet‚ which the EFF has responded to‚ is accurate‚ one of the charges is that the photo is considered to be “racial or racially charged”.

The photo was considered a threat to “learners‚ educators and other members of staff”.