MCP Vice president Richard Msowoya not scared with Mia; says convention to decide candidates

Sidik Mia
File Photo: Malawi Politician Sidik Mia

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) Vice President Richard Msowoya has come out of the cocoon on the rumors of Former Transport Minister Mohammed Sidik Mia vying for his post saying only the convention will decide presidential candidates for 2019 general elections.

Msowaya who is also Malawi Parliament’s Speaker sentiments comes a few days after The Maravi Post carried an article that the Lower Shire political giant was planning to join MCP.

There has been confirms rumors lingering in political circles of his comeback after resignation in 2013 when she was serving as cabinet minister during the Joyce Banda era.

Mia made the political return to fellow Muslims at Kanjedza Mosque in the commercial capital Blantyre on Thursday seeking support to achieve his Vice President bid.

But addressing the rally at Chintheche in Nkhatabay on Saturday, Msowaya said he was not shaken with Mia’s interest vying his post a head of 2019.

The Speaker told the gathering that he was a mature politician who acts more than talking that only the convention will decide the right presidential candidate for the party.

Msowaya reminded the party that politicians must be measured in their speeches so that they should not start explaining and justifying whatever they say.

He therefore advised party members to be very careful when choosing leaders who are loyal to the party than their personal interests.

“My fellow MCP diehards, a coin like MK5 makes a lot of noise when it is thrown into the plate but a banknote like MK2, 000 will never make noise. Now which one would you opt to receive if given a chance to do so?

“Let those joining us know that the party has structures and leaders. Lets them not speak a lot because its only convention that decides on candidates,” said Msowoya.

The Speaker therefore encouraged MCP leaders to ensure that they were attracting people into the party in readiness to form the next government in 2019.

“There are people who have brains in the country such as the one addressing you right now. You will never hear that Msowoya has said this here, has said that there. In 1999, honorable John Tembo dumped me at Nyambadwe and opted for Honorable Brown Mpinganjira as a running mate, did you see me complaining?

“When I speak, I do so in a manner that even if the speech is played on the radio, people will say a man is speaking here. There is no need to say that when I go there I will do this and that,” fumed Msowoya.

MCP leadership has been tight lid on Mia’s interest with rumors that the latter has been financing some of the party’s activities.

The development even angered former regional and chairpersons accused the business tycoon and cum-politician Mia of sowing division by bankrolling parallel structure within the party.

The chairpersons said have evidence that Mia has been meeting MCP leadership where money and materials have been exchanged aiming formalizing the business tycoon without consulting or informing party membership.