Monuments, crime, economy possible “State of the City” topics

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu today delivers the last State of the City speech of his administration.

When the mayor addresses the audience at the Civic Theater in downtown New Orleans, it will likely be his last such speech, save for maybe a farewell speech right  before his term ends next spring. 

Landrieu will likely look back at seven years of accomplishments, says political analyst Clancy DuBos. 

“He’ll talk about the economy. The overall economy is pretty good although not everyone in town is participating in the boom,” said DuBos. DuBos thinks including more people in the New Orleans turnaround will factor into the mayor’s goals for his last few months in office.

“The monuments controversy is legally done but the city’s still fairly divided,” DuBos added, “but years from now, I think history will judge him kindly on that issue.”

Political analyst Clancy DuBos says Landrieu may be judged less kindly on crime.

“I think on crime, he will suffer,” said DuBos, “because crime has been a persistent problem and violent crime in the second part of his tenure has gotten worse.”

DuBos says New Orleans is paying the price for Mayor Landrieu’s decision to balance the budget early in his administration at the expense of hiring new city employees and giving city workers pay raises, including retaining and training police officers.