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Millinocket hospital provides good care

Millinocket residents have recently been bombarded by mailings from an unknown author. The mailings speak of a malpractice lawsuit against the Millinocket Regional Hospital and how a pregnant woman was awarded $1.8 million from the suit.

While the story is true, I’m not sure what the intent of these mailings are. They seem to imply that the residents of the Millinocket area should stop using Millinocket Regional Hospital as our health care provider. It seems this person is an advocate for closing down one of the only health resources we have left here in an area that has been devastated by an economic downturn.

To have this facility available in a town of 4,500 people is incredible. Is this person really asking us to drive 45 minutes to an hour for our health care? What about emergency care? Now these mailings have implied that the quality of health care is reduced because of the fact that Millinocket Regional Hospital uses physician assistants instead of “real doctors.” If Millinocket Regional Hospital has made a financial decision to use physician assistants instead of doctors for emergency room care, and that decision helps keep the hospital open, I’m OK with that.

To imply that they are any less professional or knowledgeable is flat out wrong. Of the many occasions I’ve visited the emergency room, both personally and with my business, I’ve never had anything but the best of care, been seen promptly and dealt with true professionals.

Dean Rodrigue


Prosperity depends on social investments

I’m certain Maine State Chamber of Commerce President Dana Connors knows that because two things happen at the same time doesn’t mean one caused the other. The reasons someone moves to one locale over another are varied and complicated and often have nothing to do with taxes.

People are supposedly abandoning Connecticut “in droves” because of a tax increase on high income earners. And he believes the same will happen in Maine if the Legislature recognizes the will of the people and leaves in place the 3 percent surtax on annual income above $200,000 to fund the state’s share of public education at the 55 percent level, as mandated by the voters many years ago.

Connors plays the “economic development” card in his June 26 BDN OpEd, hoping we’ll believe we can have that as a state without adequate investments in education.

Fewer than 10 percent of small businesses will be impacted by the surtax. If I made $250,000 as a small-business owner, I will owe an additional $1,500.

The prosperity we experienced as a country in the 1900s was due in large part to the investments our parents and grandparents made in education, infrastructure, research and development.

Business owners should be applauded for their hard work and their willingness to take risks. And they need to acknowledge that their success is due, at least in part, to the collective investments we’ve all made in structures and systems that support our commerce and our democracy.

We get what we pay for. Just ask Kansas.

Mary Ann Larson


Mueller will uncover the truth

The similarity of Vladimir Putin’s and Donald Trump’s personalities is remarkable and explains how each requires loyalty beyond anything else.

Putin surrounds himself with long-term, mostly business allies, and Trump, his family. Such is oligarchy. Within a constitutional democracy such as ours, Trump is a rat in the larder.

I have confidence that our system can right itself, and the first step is an exterminator such as Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The truth will come out, notwithstanding a parallel reality that is not real. Otherwise, two party representative democracy is on the pale.

Philip C. Groce


‘Political correctness’ is about respect

Not using derogatory and offensive names for women, Jews, Roman Catholics, Irish, Native Americans, African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, and Middle-Easterners isn’t political correctness. Using respectful names is simply decent behavior.

But if that’s what we call being PC, then I definitely take issue with William Duddy’s pronouncement in his June 24 BDN letter to the editor that multiculturalism and being PC are the worst things to have happened to the United States.

Being kinder and generous to different peoples is an excellent way for us all to be decent human beings to each other.

Joyce Cornwell