Murder, extortion and corruption tarnish former tourist haven Acapulco

Danny Gold:

Just over the hill from the strip of hotels that overlook Acapulco Bay, an all-too-common sight, heavily armed police and a forensic team.

We just got a call that there are a number of bodies that have been found in a house. We’re in Zapata. It’s one of the more notorious neighborhoods in Acapulco.

This is the grisly work of a violent gang, led by a man known as The Virus.

They’re pulling this truck up here to take the bodies out. They don’t want us to see that. In Acapulco, it’s not just a war on the violence and the gangs. It’s a war of perception. And they don’t want people thinking about and seeing the violence that’s going on here.

After the police put two bodies in this truck, they left the area, and we were able to take a look for ourselves.

This right here is part of what the police are trying to keep us from. It’s two freshly dug graves. You can see there is still blood. There’s some rope right here. And they pulled two bodies out of here just a moment ago.

Just hours before we met him, this 20-year-old, who requested that we protect his identity, was held hostage just a few feet away from the shallow graves. He’s one of few people who have escaped death from The Virus and his fellow gang members.