NH political figures react to state Rep. Fisher’s resignation amid misogyny scandal

CONCORD — In the wake of misogynistic controversy, State Rep. Robert Fisher, R-Laconia, delivered his resignation Wednesday, which led to reactions from political organizations around the state.

Fisher was embroiled in an investigation about his involvement, and alleged moderation, of “The Red Pill” forum, a place dedicated to the degradation of women among other ideals.

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On Wednesday morning, the House’s Legislative Administration Committee voted 8-6 to take no action for Fisher’s case, with all eight Republican representatives voting against any proposal to investigate and possibly punish then-Rep. Fisher.

Following the votes by the committee, Fisher handed in his resignation anyway, which caused many New Hampshire political organizations to react to what happened in the House.

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The New Hampshire Democratic Party released a statement from the Chairman Ray Buckley following Fisher’s resignation.

“We are relieved to hear (Fisher) is resigning effective immediately.” He went on to say Fisher’s “resignation is an admission of guilt that House Republicans refused to acknowledge in today’s Legislative Administration Committee.”

Other organizations spoke out in favor of the resignation and agreed with Buckley’s comments about House Republicans and party politics.

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In a statement to the media, Granite State Progress executive director Zandra Rice-Hawkins echoed Buckley’s sentiments saying, “We are pleased that Rep. Fisher finally resigned” and went on to state they “remain concerned that just minutes before his resignation, the NH GOP sent a loud message that it will work to provide political cover for individuals like Fisher who promote rape culture and misogyny.”

In a statement from Action Together New Hampshire’s Executive Director Emily Morgan, she said, “Action Together New Hampshire is pleased to learn Robert Fisher tendered his resignation.” Morgan also stated that Action Together members “are deeply disturbed by the extreme partisanship and blatant misogyny that this process exposed in the House.”

House Democratic Leader Rep. Stephen Shurtleff, of Penacook, thanked New Hampshire residents for their support.

“Thank you to everyone who showed up to testify, called their Representatives, and wrote letters to the editor over the past few weeks calling for his resignation,” Shurtleff wrote. The unrelenting pressure and the threat of an Attorney General investigation into whether he perjured himself finally pushed him to resign.”