Obama’s FCC, not Trump’s, made hasty changes

The headline on the May 6 news article “FCC chief typifies bureaucracy at work in Trump’s Washington” gave away the focus. While the article could have taken the tack that the Federal Communications Commission under President Trump was making legitimate decisions for a federal agency, it implied that serious and unreasonable changes are being made by the new administration.

Only in the very last paragraph was there a suggestion that some sources believe the FCC’s decisions might be acceptable and that Chairman Ajit Pai is respected by people on both sides of the political spectrum. Nowhere in the article was there any mention that the actions of the FCC under Pai were a response to last-minute regulatory changes under the Obama administration, which had to reach back to laws and regulations meant for the 1930s telephone industry for their authority. Those changes were essentially dictated by President Barack Obama to the then-chairman of the FCC, a Democratic appointee, even though the agency is one of those federal regulatory establishments designed to operate outside of political lobbying.

Pai is trying to correct recent changes that were compelled by the liberal need to control the Internet and that were not based in law. Surely some of this background might have been included in this article about the functions and operation of the FCC.

Kenneth P. Davis, Alexandria