Offensive note left on couple’s car in response to political beliefs

“I mean it is alright if people have different political opinions, but this is a little different in my opinion,” Durango resident Berit Palmer said.

Leaving the Durango Recreation Center last Friday, a couple who often wears anti-Trump clothing discovered a note stuck to their car. In the note, the writer expresses frustrations over the couple’s stance on Trump before launching into racist remarks on the former president and taking jabs at the couple’s physical appearance.

At this time, local law enforcement and the rec center are looking to see if any surveillance video from the parking lot will be able to provide a clue as to who left the note on the car. As for the couple, they say they are not nervous about returning to the gym, but they are concerned as to what actions people could take in the future in response to political expression.

“Plus, they know what our car looks like now. Going to key it, damage it, slash tires, what is going to happen?” Durango resident Michael Berry said.

This isn’t the first time opinions have gone a step too far turning into offensive actions.  A few weeks ago, an Albuquerque woman’s pro-Trump signs where tampered with on her property, highlighting that these actions are occurring at all ends of the political spectrum.