OMF – Christian gets no Deadspin love; Lou gets a turn at solo hosting; He may be in studio, but Christian’s mind is in Italy 7-19-17

Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 a lot of folks who love Lucy Henley run in the one right now. Yeah it would. Often round. Well more what. Right now yeah and the. With Glenn who went Christian he Glen ward I he said it set I’d be jailed for Brady he tried to get pretty all on you play in America Damien Woody. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Percent finally. (%expletive) It’s a long life is never enough. Okay deja news that things happen and in life. So we all picked this up last night on I did it’s been a feel good guide to Boston Sports Radio radio shareholder it. Now see I actually think this is they complement. Because I looked it up and did spend the and I went through the the the files like I could not find. Any field guide to Philadelphia Sports Radio. You know cheese steaks I couldn’t find anything we should all cargo could Alan I know Bjork couldn’t run. So it it’s a compliment and I must tell you they were kind of most of this but they really with a kindness I thought. To Kurt many first line. I hurt is the rat. A rat bleep her beliefs fan and I’m picky you know this battle line. That can be used I don’t steal that line I love the line is curry that is the government did the you do it no justice motto might be notably Germany you know you really need to just to say well because on. Says he is the lowest rung of the latter that is Boston Sports Radio which is quite an accomplishment. A laugh at that because. If you go and listen to sports talk radio across country. Most people in the business high up in the business and an executive people it. Own big large radio companies will tell you that Boston Sports Radio. Is some of the best in the country. Artery engine Google listen is a very crap that’s out there elsewhere 125 shares for the entire market traders there is a bad thing exactly opponent know the market can say that. You know everybody talks about the fan but think it’s a much smaller percentage. Of the audience that we get nevermind Oz adding his son into it right and so goes on talk about how we replaced this is Kirk now replaced John Dennis. Jerry cart. Cal enhanced partner which is like replacing the rat rat leave promptly swept us. I’m out of Iraq. You and it and those that talks about his suspensions physical she can problem and I’m up. And was suspended in June 2015. For getting into were shouting match. With Cole hopes Christian for a Simon admitted somehow I’m here there he lost a gig on CS and New England in October of 2015. After joking that the patriots should hire somebody to murder NFL commissioner Roger gonna go on and that is the only mention. First and for you. And others and on and doesn’t mean a lot parent during the order way. Portion of this article references that you don’t do it or where reloading for you Ichiro and that’s what and it gets in it’s it’s true I’ll take that better than what happened beetle I. All the dealers. Yeah it feels like novices Austin. Nonexistent. Budget that is names that she’s nothing to say about him than you please Gresham was hit so they felt they got they got Madsen here they throw that throw away line would beatle. They got is always always unhappiness was only last like is they. They they they put a link to the unicorn some casualties and were wobbling like that the apparent love that I have and I think he loves that. Where argument that say the following among two yet every time you released we have an extreme and series. Yeah. But it that I think I might have had more. Words than anybody else in this well he’s he invented Sports Radio actually go back in your hands yes they apple page of the fifth and had tweets from like 1894. You know they really want to article back when you had your own show yes with Felger that he and his daughter gone back and he made of yet. They even had John Dennis Lawrence. Adam Jones who they threw nothing in there at Daytona crash Dina and aggression in touted for its. And I had no Christians you know they had no bail they had no hall. They had no O’Keefe was cold don’t that is John Farrell what would you trying to say. We are facing a much and we’re not an end to Sonoma no month. And Adam Jones but they had no money from cattle and market. I’m just I’m not ironically all you know why I mean that there anybody to get a little audio I got suspended jail while he won and you. Not that. Nothing at all is it just multi racial voter news I think that’s it you think do you think it’s it’s it’s it’s a racial issues at this city streets statements probably I makes me very very hard every day one of the lines for me just how concerned. The strategy was duplicated in imitated talking about what we used to do a deal they trio like all things eventually grew one out into the landscape. Port always opinions are replacement. Level for an old white from Massachusetts. Yeah as you and that’s that’s ports and all you white and white people like you from Massachusetts in what you want about life. You know you might act if you’re out there if you’re all in your white your stereo. Active. You you’re you’re stereotyped him and I think if you animals. And look at foreign. It is not we can call him he wiped an old what typical mom you don’t know what the call tornado that’s exactly the way I like it can’t labeled. He’s in packets into a little illustration as he stayed away once sixtieth eskimo and Adobe can it. If you are right as you may be offending me an advocate for my other in a righteous based alliance you don’t combine. Don’t talk about how much you play football. That’s for us progress of it that’s your problem that your crutch it’s me that’s a you can be yourself credibility when you start talking baseball by mixing everybody and it. I did play of the game you know apparently I just don’t wanna own little ditch you know Lou admiral Loney played baseball. Yes Luke Bologna played all. Hard to remember. Because Orton is a whole host only refers to his former career every tow nets and that’s why I don’t he has an opportunity tea and average baseball analytic you give a mobile bothered me thank you and the result. Is known for its finest as now I don’t attack Israeli. And play the game like glue. I its net creating an elegant problem now I got. Rob was just rose figure revised notice yeah there’s pros are ready here’s what it is as you can look at the two heats and the tweets are mile per resident rates in the for the strike our guest is what it’s all about it’s all about content. It’s all about race. And it’s all about political sides all right it’s pretty and it’s about having fun and game and you haven’t you know he can he. He can’t through the white tent you know what you war. You also what you write you know. I and the afternoon show yet this issue. Wanted to walk down vote. I know there I don’t Google’s John Dennis thinness it’s totally act so it could bring up the whole you know reference in America it is all of you and debt deal about a problem. I do has been on the need and it nearly as he needed the pennant race and comments and tweets back so what he did Z he talked about what frame against finest best offer in the yankees’ three examples of three tweets that Lou had out there a long time ago when the disarm bar on idol 34 31 seat to 71 in my truck and doing everything I can’t control myself with these protesters. Causing traffic on 93 PS that’s a bat. That’s why I’m racist that’s in January 2000 if you remember that it was that the protest on a 93 when everyone was trying to get to work. And they were dom racist is that one of jokingly and wanna take a back to all the white people that are in the middle street lights amass a lot of traffic I. Yeah it’s quarter tough guys are a bunch of look at CPU. But boy up yourself and go crying to mommy it’s a ball got close to your head at 95 miles for a that’s why I was upset about the knicks shot up plus you’ve got in the fact there that you played baseball. Yes he’s always just alluded earlier incident always got some of unity. It is like to go and I I don’t know. All your favorite day idea but I do have fun there’s not reviewed and fund by producing plays decently kennel on how to treat it out again is what and it got him in this don’t think of this one before. So bond really showed how tough he was there. A slash. A shelf and then run like a little bitch. After Montreal typical I sent that on November. 2004 so he’s doing as to what the real serves a what does that no I remember being out what is apple why did they play wanted that tweet play into his article. So bar. I don’t know Newton chose volume on Twitter Winston. Which one. Added there because I like having fun and you guys like him fun ended there is this there is an obvious love affair with touch and which were sometimes like Arabs and sometimes I can’t. But this one line the last paragraph where he gets into a quick little snippet about Adam Jones and beat him and starts to rip John Dennis which again not sure why John Dennis in the article because he had to bring up some a little bit Kweisi endless love grasp of grass gave the grass isn’t in the city more questions than profits. So why why are we gonna brash. Fine whatever it was even quit while he went through it was an artwork out. His way back then make column in knows he played baseball. There is a fun thing about Richard rich is that they go off the beaten path and talk about whatever they watched while to lead off the rail they’re allowed to do that NATO might not necessarily be. But last night’s game we can’t keep your ignorance you know what I analysis through you know I was trying to release kooky ideas and trying to talk about things a little slower. Squad that morning show on morning show. Many handy Cali in those guys that by the struggling because every day now and they’re always breaking down the always in this so boring when they don’t talk about the borrowings it during the summertime I just to now they never can’t doesn’t it blocks you know on it and how good the Celtics going to be in what’s that other army it’s gonna go sixteen and — you know long nights and on in the money guys talking about the bullpen an offensive line and just say I don’t — desperate that’s Alex’s unit is in radio Alito Kennedy that. Branch out to be more creative economy on each other. Fine there’s there’s a lot of topics there’s two leaders political topics that you talk about. There’s Ali’s transgender issues the only issue they should find a gate and freedom on a shelf here and then they can start having some fun with that. Again before. The steroid abuse rate like guys you know lick he needs to Dallas you know and Hezbollah has changed so I don’t mind stress that you O’Sullivan do he would give him on a few more times. Should I just I’d I’d need a there’s a big decision in my in my life like it especially at night time. Iran trying to get to sleep. Shia take like five Ambien label would vote will be previously quicker five and Ian Wright in a row with a big bottle of wine or like listening to Pete Abraham talk baseball and porn I’m not really sure which way to go. I usually leave to Pete Abraham because it the eve works quicker. It’s and he starts going into it that I am out. Amounting an older swayed either. He’s a little cinnamon daddy you know zones following in his than he needs the maj. But Richard Reid it’s of trees there writer’s name by the way he is some near a leaf. I guess to life. Disrespect his last name I don’t lie apology that is terrible pronunciation guide next big dreamer try to get him on the show. Our did you know we tried to do an interview with. The guys that are gonna do an interview the one of those guys try to get 1 in the morning to talk I don’t want to go in the morning in decline to do he’s done but it Roemer is that. But apparently he went to UNH he’s around he’s listened to us or whatever but it’s a transparent. What he’s doing like more I should call them like most of would get an adjustment is they’re telling us what their political persuasions. Okay we know you work. Protect its proceed when we kinda happens let me know I can I know I can beat us on easy way friendly voice should. Not exhibit all made play. Over there is more definitive. Yeah I. I should be making these calls for the use of the sensitive topics yes Chris Sale white guys what is on the what do you think he stayed away from. You eat I guess auditors did make some impact in the market not a lot of nice development automatically and it now I buy you a little wave like you’re. The ripples all over the lights daylight why he’s they would dale and always have black but widest it we’ve dale dale black and other. Well what we stay away from Pauline because they look at that is a safer if you let it used to be at least keeps a bully. I mean he has a bully he’s a total bull he’s an eagle at manager John today right to third. Brownie like Austin and round as in person all now and loses her and us. I must the that will be another Quenneville I don’t cameras yeah. Will be no cameras CNET positive no no cameras cell phones don’t like cats know no I don’t know Joan while they’re not don’t go dark. So much choices that is the yours is the trains that. But I think what line he doubles back to work now just three weeks related do you think that’s a net positive is okay. I don’t I Islam somehow somebody’s got to throw in the it is eligible for a joke just so unless you’re a rookie multiple. He will go to jump the weekly I can’t even go all your old conflict and America’s kids can’t do that magic eye he can’t but he he’s only done it once somebody else these these supported that 67797937. They get they catch fairly good day them because they wanted to win a one line that usually a warm. And we. Gave a big plates are Asian willingly taken my place and then controversial question of the day comes from Lou Maloney what is the question what was the question of the it’s a controversial hasn’t begun to him what does it mean it would be more funds that woods is due with Greenland to play nearly first if you want now. You go. First question I’m asked demand late last night you play every day it might affect mainly due to deadline. Might affect we do that more men may affect a lot of thinks I’ll say was he ever really heard the first place. Does it doesn’t really seem like is it because they asked about it and he broke his I don’t know what to talk a lot to ask him because you thought that the whole bookie bet was a good playing. Hit him gore from first was it first home right you thought it was a good play even though you’ve got the stop sign going to be so who. Who is that all there was a butter was that moved in mobile Q3 oh yeah I don’t know. There’s a lot there early you know what what time to lose some news that you futures are down about some of the gone to third or that your coming Out Magazine here don’t wanna focus on the negative of how your you’ve been out for two. So I’ll be in right now the two wives I actually I don’t wanna leave it happens when people are kind of checking out usually they go out there when I go silent on the background. Does anybody noticed that for you may have spoken more in the show. Than anybody else all of our guests long and yours truly combined which is a Harden doesn’t quite a feat. But you talk more. When your life checking out America Damien Woody. At a I want to right oh definitely absolutely yeah. Breakdown. Something noted an unruly people have vehemently replay for the relative was available hey you know LA. They’ll let Lithia body and a host like both committed to attitude. He’s like. They’re completely checked out arch as that. Yeah if I got myself a lot about it but I feel like use kind of reports are consciously shaming me lol oh well I don’t I start reading I’ll article idea. No I told you I was like I’m with you but you go to Italy today after the show for like ten days. Physically be here about the idea out to go out. But you know charities throughout this talking more today than any other terrorists not is that what I found her how she’s talking more. You’re not talking as much on the digital worded you and you know those the words you never set new life and I did everything was never meant I. I want to admit that it had yeah. Boy that’s meant I want one more thing about distance between that this thing is that actually some of the shtick that everybody in this town doesn’t. Is part of this whole story for example hole I durable Luke constantly mentioning that. He played baseball everyday all day he never sent. We should be read as a group surprise surprise didn’t bring up no I was named by an out hot item I. I am the only one the other everywhere that they Ichiro is throwing his face every day I’m good do it every day from now is fit you just throw in that picture up there you kids his beef with the ball hug and knowing you don’t Hollywood no doubt about 100. Governor bush apparently remotely and it it but see I think that’s a compliment to all of us you know ball stations where it. Or are part of this thing. Is that he’s picking up the nuances of these shows that’s a good thing this is a guy that was about it that’s not really that’s a waste of paper. You play. Did they have lots of those things you remember their helmets in their helmets are 6177797937. Our phone operator and one. That’s always a math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the shield on Twitter act. She let’s get you back to more awkward way admirable in 48 right now on Sports Radio. Boston’s W GE hi. Arguably the nation’s most successful sports talk station may push the envelope most when it comes to eighty discourse no matter what you do. In this that if you are going to offend somebody out there he sized gland or why it was once the voice of the Celtics. He’s the most popular sports talk personality in Boston. You’ve got to be careful that you not offending the wrong people or large it. Would we say hole on the air. Probably. I think I call you a whole extra time to show how would you say hello hello Paul going let you know. Real deep Barca holders that I was awake Massachusetts he there yeah article that’s wobbled Valerie Newman I don’t. I believe that I don’t know what that once he he’s going deep into the good to be king to allow other than. Could be McCain and switch of you become the queen’s is little understood the team you’re just had no idea that they’re different they are unhappy I’m gonna. You should be friction really happy two yard and I wanna figure out here and how dare you did you do in rounding quits they handle sensitive there’s absolutely blew. Ran all remind without a cliff and finally doing these days but it dumb. I don’t know what you think is with the talking both pushed me bring back. You afford one our call. Nobody says it’s a thing go I think he’s taken off the yeah sorry it’s connected to England aren’t as opponents that hole on the yes I probably. That just came with falsely functions and felt I tell people that that is not a bit. No that’s going to be closely actually awfully I’d watch him on TV. And I’m done any literally. Falls asleep on TV. I was watching it the other night when my my son my son loves him because he met him. An account cast one night was ultimately she’s a really big news editor question goes through eight while I don’t think you can of the stupidest mistakes in the world is correct. But it was like look Gary ten ways falling asleep or if it it at the everybody is not on let me. They not give them like medication forty keep them away we came what do you take no no those are you take something right and wrong. I okay. I regret something he’s got immediate and easy for expert doctor it’s a two on our show. It’s a two English front or that wears them down. I don’t know but he fell asleep and legacy practiced answer simply heard them talking and actually it was very excited I’ve done reading look I highlight stuff. Ciba. It’s my life in a second I was going along a yank who securities and there’s just like honored and it is Monday show. A slew whose whose code wounds are you in any case started Sunday night and I. Of anger and rage the only votes nudged the show I wanna listen to a trillion Charlotte you’re by yourself showing journalists into his alien Wednesday. You he’s doing a show with keys sterling you know Wednesday to thirty joins us HI unfairly and there are going along with their show because there’s an afternoon baseball game. So he and Keith are gonna do this show we’ll have much I think it noon noontime. To have this job for the other Democrats get that’s gonna happen overnight or not changing that in assessing in an analyst John Cho John fare would never run from and I was told that he is coming on at noon. Solar radio keeping it at that address firm yet that’s right off bat and at the app I tell heroes swears and personally okay. You’ll hear the morality in whatever way you earlier when they were eroding away. What would it be Greece on being an out of some of the gate beaches you know do little old won’t want you know get my little beetles out can be shaped much of them ready then might it affect your issues edited yet but by them upon him to do it again your hairs of us that I don’t wanted to study. That’s worth not arrested I don’t know it was a result I look at the whistle and then. So take away on Monday. I doubt about that aren’t everything out of me you have to chill pill has. So out of sorts to. They get their guy yet because yeah that’ll all asleep you mean by noon he’s gonna just be done my breasts are tender now because he’ll be able to sleep and that is of being here at 5 o’clock that morning there is more army for him to buy it in the ninety’s of them. And you know the guy Boehner yeah well it is under the air sensors item annoyed not in the air and get what I don’t get much near problem at some point at which it was great and agility phone on and on Wednesday back in fifteenth and began in. The economic. So I. I. Jim Benson comes a Tuesday. You accidentally slip you got Thursday or Friday that title I beads elects and that ye will Wear my grease. Guns mean to me I always believe me cake and Mike he’s on his way and Mike would be a nice addition to the T and Verizon and a nice. Yes there’s a comfort level with that it might do you think people know about Mike Kris. Even though he always says he always apologizes factory rules somebody yeah rags on them yes to the apologized and we’re good. He’s there he’s a wise that you otherwise as a navy gets the school he went looking at a the company that he can easily hunger he looks polished he’s on ESP NE sounds nice and Mike is off the annual written into you know he’s an evil some perfect but the beauty get out of them at the united and out of room you know by the might realize that not easily in the re seasoned to use hand yes but you system is a locker as evil Becton. He’s evil. Yes it’s when you get a lot of public as Mike Reese as you can’t help harbor some sort of like you know animosity in birds and I don’t think he and I don’t think he’s the nicest guy in Kenya that for Sony it’s a tactic every that he will I think we build deep deep doubt is I think it’ll matter we goes completely not using rip somebody’s basal like spider monkey jump on your back. That’s right out our eyes and ice. And the visual. Keep my distance that it is legal and us. That would be a good show those you can get him Brian that you cannot take him out of his normal element that would be good you do that. The thing I’m not sure it’s going to happen was. But that covers the patriots and we’re making. We usually cold they are or Kimmel or Fallon knows the big time and TV so she’s not doing a cover the team I think I don’t know I don’t know now he’s known as you aren’t as he was always always he was always at the stadium evenly nights like 6730. On water so paramilitary. And — yards that’s the new group angry and agreement to soldiers that the angry we’ll bring opens automotive analyst and again angry agree with you released your. So a lot of Singh and you’re right he doing this and he’s over in charity then. And then those although Hollywood Bowl only Angel hearing angry tired dad and I joined piano that’s imperfect will bring out yesterday. And and and amen I am and I did there wrong he’s no it always character. And again. Overall it’s night and good luck as you know is innocent if we can’t movies yeah. Has the burden I’m hearing for hours alone like my bicycle the record straight from the job of the or I’d like July 31. You can every tournament I hear you tire war powers of how. Hours of Horry in the race coming out the week after we get more hours of Horry two weeks ahead. When they say it’s all we need to see. The common good look through the roof of the highest 25 minute segments. It wouldn’t stroke and stroke. Throat so I wrote I did the first segment. Should undo those gently ought to do that I’ll go back Monday recently do that plays and we have now given I definitely I did win an apple. You kissed her soul into everything else that’s all the families in the logo of eyes on in the you know we got to protect on the of that whole crew unknown okay we do the same when only LA you’re not needed either nonexistent you give me give me a whole weekend things talk about Monday you have to have any are you here all Monday and you’ll God’s. I Italy police didn’t. Obviously a hard time Davis was robbed at that point. Really that’s happened you got it and we can compare race. Absolutely right yeah okay let me talk you modicum of July 3 I don’t know element. Again and again it’s a cabinet to do with it. Now I’m out doesn’t matter I’m willing to I have enough faith in myself that I know that even despite that it was like third. Nobody was even in town on the might reasonably hired have little aside I’m and four hours before what I want to show I’m tired will make a broad power button. It’s stupid excuse for glory satellite you can run into the lives with load up. But I don’t I don’t let me anyway ability. A your readers donated I don’t episode giving it to and it’s here’s the deal hardly like. No you’re not you’re gonna lose this and unloaded and friends when it’s say this right now I’m really mean you’ll lose this war. Look all The Who has to do. Come on the year on Wednesday an OK start getting riled up. A little myself I have to trust John Farrell’s name endurance he sums that are in place and music in the background you know. A guy like search what an easy to project at our own it what I had both my opening segments where Gordon Hayward. The last what sale. Now with the Chris Sale with Gordon Hayward has been twenty Disneyland Disney all yet this. Totaled every sale to lay back and forth over this is me on Friday Saturday so it’s going to be 25 minutes of just pissed only way this week at Gallaudet outlets all that zones. They gonna (%expletive) me. It just happens just from watching the Ilia battles and see how many did you lead like that milieu the lead a year ago something that’s gonna happen. You can be easy the lead in with Lou — clear they would go line I think they Boris personally yeah prisoners. Got it I didn’t have a I believe neither. And eat and I didn’t have Kirk you Callahan who was on remembrance like it starts no it wasn’t much with them I think each here. Wasn’t an eighteen scheer plus I’m glad morning show in the city. You’ll have that. I will not again the article you estimate. Like you should win means a lot a few points of ballot the about it you probably should you won’t. It’s four hours before the day is the best show. That has never been heard twice. It never worked he’s he’s never spoken more on one of these shows you where today it is I don’t know those let’s wait here’s the good news us they’re came when you can on appliance Presley you know playing. He won’t say it was so if it’s the users can sleep the whole thought already downloaded all don’t downloaded all my movies sent. On moves or download porn on the mountain that is not something pianos or dialogues about felt a little slow morning. Off the plane Hillary’s gonna go there’s gonna sit down as you see guys and they snapped a red. That they have now no one of the wind coming parks it in the theater. All your counsel. And counsel to Stalin did all night well any time you really on tea library is huge pressure on bro. Towards that it is a mental one when have you know Paul begala and you’ll know why don’t vacation no parents no seven bottles each cake. All buyers I think from the wind just recently it cuts ultimately is no angles that you can Seattle or bottles line if you if you puke. Wine everywhere. They get right back into it notably miles of beautiful day you can rally it’s a beautiful thing. About this. Now it’s. No hang on there are a few quoted over the drug obediently. Over I don’t care so I don’t feel right right now legal probe quickly get back in a bottle rocket role. Right got some positive and on him wait I can’t wait. The mine would be leading all but if it’s only one know them alone the Zamboni. Alone on its. And occupy. The I was armed Lou tilts to move to. The Tories. And there it is. But now bush is a did you know I played baseball America yeah. I played in there I played the game there it is good reloading and now now now you don’t like out of it on. Fine by FaceBook Twitter and it’s more of or wade were loading and 48. Sports Radio WEEI. She. Good morning. Born children. Good afternoon. Problem for me each and good night. And blown them out there how are you. Calista. I’m fine. Still bin. You can come. Pulling even needed. May want penalized when their they’ll let us remind LL yeah Brenda download. Let’s leave your. Those are usually usually what I do do usually I’m going to another country like I will arts and travel light spent a month trying to learn the language Hawaii muddling this time. It’s usually as this is no no no no it’s as simple as manipulative angle back to the mother Elaine. And it’s just gonna play Christian does go to your own just come out and don’t understand it’ll be let he she. It’ll be like the matrix and Ehrlichman Neal finally realized that he was the one. And everything was really clear to him like I basically Neil. And the matrix is Italy I don’t understand. He school I don’t see your biggest brokerage unit that tenacity and their two countries are three countries it is in three countries just him. Your country was too. You’re gonna get confused when you go from one language to the other probably Greek language really different probably that’s probably you want it any clue and Hillary a lot of English. W gonna you gonna be pointing and raising your voice I listen every every thing that you think is it that could happen or what happened to me you’re probably right how many units were words agree not I don’t want to let her work on this was my goal is chooses the out of jail. I know that I can puke and rally now so that’s that’s a definite plus program and services on that done I want. Adds up the line what else is there and I know I know he’s in melanoma and a purpose and I know what beaches to go to an alarming Greece. New ones yes I’m going all in all yes. I am yes idol I it’s not what I’m always looking for the sockets and it’s an pitched one perfect. On and a fifty on that thing. Fifty. I think a slogan of that’s rams would nude beaches Saturday and it now like the Playboy Mansion continents no show humility of a private Villa in the mountain called to admit I don’t know some useful tool wrinkling. Loose hanging mil well look I used yet told you can either Easter eggs I looked pretty good to permanently divert it out of mess. It’s taken off my health it’s a bill like just in those places are that patriotic obviously had your Yukio admitted honestly pictured take pictures and they’re not feeling do. If you saw showed etiquette. Take it is no cameras allowed anyways is that you pictured day. About that just keep you Duluth tweet and get good added benefit of good. And get good outlets listening I was as up front he’s got ten Leo monies that is on it on the law. Uncle on the idea around 10301015. Affinity do with me. And I’ll answer that I’ll ask the rest your guys don’t have some way they talk to him on me. I think everybody around it that’s the way I can remove the entire time I am looking forward to live the rest of run down won’t be a bit of food doughnut. And I definitely do right as the events in new York and I’m glad because it’s familiar abstinent then drag at least five times to somebody. Hey where should I believe that everything else. And they look at you like we’ll. Yeah like Helmand on each element of the war there there again definitely you know go down the Alley in the back as for cell. Let’s hear you yes and O’Neal who is the god that old though they called a bit to be entitled to other nice. Nice nice I don’t go to Greece that are going to be our guy is Sebastien so it’s like I can tell you this the greens are back. The crooks distinguished political someone. Can we. Have changed completely. What it originally understood what this show. We don’t meet. And greet her fate of the signing of the speaker. A little off as we did that a lot of back. The Greeks the Greeks will not a dishonorable he will not understand you they would know what’s what’s would shoot for the million a year go to your daughters that she gets in my heart looked at the places yet read you’re bad deflate the read a lot yes Sunday at some difficult Sunday at CNET was so out of touch it wouldn’t just so out of touch. I know you’ll know how to teach you breast sudden shots all the sandbags. To let you rent them and maybe you don’t really get a couple. Powell’s a to with a photo reaching foods well only I don’t know again to you you’re not a world traveler I am I don’t see everything was on its morals and our Seattle he’s like you go with him. He’s god. But other problems that she’s out there probably are but kneecap and everything but his big ordered. Greet you as an ancient history that must and he’s got yet you’ll have trouble over there China who get them understand you. In Italy the problem you’ll have is I will guarantee you somebody will screw. Somebody will totally know English inside a matter of fact a mobile language better than you’d. Yeah that they will screw with you because they just wanna have got to go with cam is she’s like a world shuttle is she’s yeah she’s she’s really out of times now but he’s. She smacks. You look it’s match. We come yet to be like how did that the most I’ll do it comes out I may go to Mexico it’s easy. You know it’s simple it’s ease Aruba. That’s that’s really easy about it when there’s from Boston. OJ go to our rule it out how many million are threats Everett’s right everybody speaks English is easy and it Rubin there’s about ten different colleges are deported you better Bogart’s yeah it’s got a whole little he’s got a whole star. Laced Carlos the walk of fame on Hollywood he’s got his own little thing and probably the main drag right. It takes five different languages now in ignorance. It’s been and where the leaves his country in the world. But we have what we expect everyone to test be currently OK we have football we don’t forget they have solid ball if we have football. Dammit we need football yeah I don’t know if we’re following a lot already well I know a medical doctor wanted to kick around much of kick out with. It was. You liberal path of I don’t want to throw it out. The labels are thought in those engineered to those guys this morning than they ever had that football outsiders guy another guy that wants to describe out of bed and yeah Simpson should they are suitable all of these guys down that are out there that just trying to discredit Tom Brady. You’re lying if you’re telling me that you actually see a deterioration. Of his game but he’ll likely Tony Dungy and gas line. Not I’m saying that. Eight games of the season all that’s a rough maybe by gained nine. He start to fall apart maybe later on the season we’re sitting here and say they should send him out for the first four games like they did last year elected commissioner did. Because he’s good for twelve and some post season games. But as of right now anybody. In it that tells you that Tom Brady they sorry over the last year that he was his game was falling apart they’re trying to war. Area trying to do you notice speculation. Did they all are trying to be the first one. Like I said it first. And then it happened. So you’ll always gonna CDs articles in these you know cutting edge technology and this is why he’s you know look it is. Third down pass and it is downfield grow Christian thought I post. Urged Christians that’s like a ninety year old man and saying about the nine year old man. I think he’s going to die yes so see good of why didn’t you write on an episode history month is an idea Peter bloop ski. Yeah I don’t hear a you know I think it writes for SI don’t share so Peter Luke how ski he just sent the sellers like his modern day quarterback ratings. Okay and it just African lost it. But he’s modern day quarterback rating I headed by their given an idealistic to Peyton won’t want Peyton Manning via number two Aaron Rodgers yeah. Ever 3-D and Marino yep before Joseph Montana. A five Tom Brady sixth are. Us. 88 troll clip they are even though there’s an article that’s the right because Brady 55 best the ball. But then adds that the NE SPN and the gold index yes yes so they had. Ten panelists yeah they had great quarterbacks of all time. On the Panos related Norv Turner. Al Saunders the coach Howard mater Ole Ole Ole coach’s old coaches that have all won championships in some ways it performed yet home grown daughter. So those ten of them so so Brady finished number one. Because nine of the ten had him first or second miss where differences like a two mile patrolling this guy or this writer for whoever it is put him at five no big deal whatever. But Tony Dungy not at a ten in first or second Tony Dungy put him so was its sixth. Put him sixth. And his reasoning was dungy apparently approached the project. As if you are defensive coordinator drawing up a game player. Dungy saw skill passes across the board look at the best QB’s. He reasoned that those also are dangerous runners they were the toughest quarterbacks to stop which is why. His top three were Elway Steve young and Aaron Rodgers. Brady might be one of the best current two record angels with those other guys present additional challenges so you know I think Belichick. Rule. Would be Bill Belichick without Tom Brady. Brady would not have been the same without Belcher. So Belichick the same without Brady Brady and you felt to some heat but Tony Dungy just doing this in all it is weekend and it project would ever just want to just the end six. And hold on hold the other guys can run thing. We kind of we kind of on this whole debate before. They break so good at what he does it pretty much negates everybody else’s ability to run as a weapon he’s so good at. Everything else he does he doesn’t do any and there is mobility. OK so you’re gonna equated to bring in Andy eat it and put it all into one big pot use the mobility the stayed alive factors don’t think I think their ability to run. Call it the ability to keep the play alive. This message Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t run. Downfield. He run laterally. Aaron Rodgers can run Aaron Rodgers gets sacked forty times flashed him. Cannot look at 45 what Tom Brady gets settled last year it on the fifteenth through. The a excellent and could have a former president put up wherever. I heard this look it up any listen listen but pic of if you’re a writer and you’re outside of new England and you know how passionate people in New England are you sorry. With a hold the flight gate. Why wouldn’t you crap all over there guys because you know you’re going to get clicks you’re gonna get people that are gonna be input how guys over the last two years. And if Kirk in Callahan have on the air cool which is slashing. Tom Brady of the patriots or bill though a check. They get those guys on to beat those guys up those guys a lot of it. That that the writers because they can’t and shouldn’t. People don’t wait let us start slashing tires of southern boy this is public and dungy didn’t write this article is that there’s who only clicked hopefully people cumin looks what do you right he did if do you really believe that he believes this he might actually blah authentic Courtney and I those guys the fact that they run the strike and our great passers. More challenged encumbered the guy why is it that the runner in this case Aaron Rodgers. Ends of getting sacked three times as much as hombre Arafat. Is at 3530 to 35 to what fifteen. Topple it. You retreat through it just as much but I would say it’s it’s that they would dungy yet it’s one of those OK I coached against him I hate them internally I don’t wanna really admitted. That it really got to me it’s always a struggle beating him. So I don’t have to explain I can’t allow myself to pull him for a slap the figure out a metric that’ll allow me to put an affront. Are actually in behind I don’t want to SR Ron Amadon trying to iron rod he’s really trying really hard to hide that’s his allegiance for Peyton may tenth it’s it. That’s I think that’s exactly it. No question I would get another hour to go for you 54 minutes they fell in. I don’t make sure we give dale Polley Keefe. Their show right I am sure you know I don’t wanna make sure that we don’t bleed into the neither side wins in the top of the hour and trying to get really important and they need to sell that big interview they had with. Fair also. A service that do the right there are quick check you walk into a bar you get there here in Rome you just landed you thirsty yourself you walk into the bar. What do you say to the bartender. Well you know such.