On Iowa Politics: Bernie Sanders, Joni Ernst and Apple are topics | Iowa News

On Iowa Politics: Bernie Sanders, Joni Ernst and Apple are topics | Iowa News | qctimes.com

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The On Iowa Politics reporters discussed Sen. Bernie Sanders in Iowa City, along with other possible 2018 election topics. Does Sen. Joni Ernst have a future running for president? The tax incentives Apple received when the company announced its plan to build a data center in Iowa also are on the agenda.

On Iowa Politics is a weekly news and analysis podcast that re-creates the conversations that happen when Iowa’s political reporters get together after the day’s deadlines have been met. This week’s show features James Lynch, Todd Dorman, Erin Murphy and Christinia Crippes.

The show was produced by Max Freund, and the music is courtesy of Scarlet Runner. Find us at qctimes.com, chat with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @OnIowaPolitics and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Know an Iowa musician who should be on our show? Send their band sound files to [email protected].

Picture Perfect Painting & Pressure Washing

The Red Apple Child Care Center & Preschool

Country Financial – Mitch Dietrich

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