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Opinion | Did the F.B.I. Save Trump’s Presidency?

There has always been a relatively innocent and eminently plausible interpretation for why Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had so many suspicious ties to Russia. Let’s review: First, the candidate himself took an indulgent view of Vladimir Putin. This was naïve, but it was no crime: Barack Obama also sought rapprochement with Moscow in 2008, despite […]

Malaysia’s fragile democratic revival – Nikkei Asian Review

As the dust settles from the surprise victory of Malaysian opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan (PH) over the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN), the only question that matters is: What’s next? The initial positive steps taken by PH under the leadership of the 92-year-old Mahathir Mohamed inspired hopes of a renewal of Malaysian democracy, and of potential […]

Opinion | President Trump Is a Very Political Animal

Miller and Davis warn: Democracy has been durable in the United States — so durable, in fact, that serious inquiry into Americans’ attitudes toward it has been uncommon. No more. A recent and growing scholarly literature raises questions regarding the depths of citizens’ support for democracy. In a pointed critique of current developments in American […]

The prolonged pain and political posturing of pipeline politics

VICTORIA — When the B.C. New Democrats challenged the Alberta government move to restrict crude oil exports to this province, they had to fill a gap in the enabling legislation for the threat. The B.C. case was based on a claim that this province was being punished — unfairly and unconstitutionally. But the text of Bill […]

Editorial: Why did Northam veto Sutterlein’s redistricting bill? | Opinion

One of the most appealing things about Gov. Ralph Northam is that he’s not an ideological purist. He’s the classic pragmatist, often to the frustration of many in his own party who sometimes think the Democratic governor is too accommodating to Republicans in the General Assembly. That’s why it’s so curious that Northam recently picked […]

NFL got polling data on Kaepernick, sources told Yahoo Sports

ATLANTA – Four months into quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s 2017 free agency and heading into intensified criticism from President Donald Trump over player protests, the NFL used a Washington consulting firm to ask Americans whether Kaepernick should have been signed by a team, according to sources familiar with the league’s research. The poll was conducted by […]

Challenging Trump’s Christian apologists | The Sacramento Bee

WASHINGTON — Maybe it takes a royal wedding to offer lessons in what a good sermon sounds like. Maybe it takes one of the world’s most elitist institutions — a monarchy, for goodness’ sake — to provide a view of Christianity rooted not in conservative cultural warfare (or unrelenting support for Donald Trump) but in […]

Canada Blocks Chinese Takeover on Security Concerns

But by February of this year, the government said it wanted to review the deal by CCCI, the overseas arm of CCCC, under the Canada’s National Security Review of Investments Act. In Canada, any deal involving a state-owned company worth more than 398 million Canadian dollars, or about $310 million, can be subject to a […]

Political moderation can be argued and fought for fiercely | Wearing Thin

With the worse-than-ever polarization dividing our nation’s politics, with the major parties pulling further away from any sort of middle ground, it’s worth noting that American citizens hold a wide range of political opinions that don’t fit into tidy categories such a “right” and “left” and  “conservative” and “liberal.” Most of us fit into different […]