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some special currents in the western suburbs bun

For some, the gay marriage vote was about the defence of Western civilisation, and of a Judeo-Christian heritage. Western civilisation won, but not in the way its supposed defenders thought. Almost all of the white nations that encapsulate the history, religion and values of Western civilisation have already provided for gay marriage. Australia is a […]

Ohio Supreme Court Judge Bill O’Neill fails on Facebook

Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O’Neill mulls a bid for Ohio governor.(Photo: AP) Justice William O’Neill. We need to talk. On Friday, Nov. 17, 2017, you posted on your personal Facebook page the following status update: “Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken I believe it is time […]

The yes and no city

Sydney has been in the spotlight since the results of the same-sex marriage survey split the city. Its eastern half had three of the five highest yes-voting electorates in the country while its western half had the seven lowest yes-voting electorates. Play Video Don’t Play The battle for Bennelong Play Video Don’t Play Previous slide […]

Political Musings Not Objective – Letter | Falmouth Opinion

Regarding the back and forth between Mr. Crotty and Mr. Laurino: Mr. Crotty declares himself objective, noting his credentials as a veteran, a successful businessman with experience in education and sports. I don’t think one should declare his political musings objective, when one’s letters to the editor contradict him. I suspect Mr. Crotty confuses objectivity […]

How to Escape From Roy Moore’s Evangelicalism

Some evangelicals have grown so frustrated with their tradition’s captivity to a particular brand of politics — and the idolatries of white supremacy and the free market — that they have proposed a radical withdrawal from both Moral Majority-style activism and modern consumer culture. Worship, after all, is not just something that happens in church. […]

ASEAN birthday party

If we had a big cake, there would have been 50 candles to blow to make a wish. The countries of the southeast Asia region were celebrating 50 years of one ASEAN, but more auspicious to me was for this birthday, the host was the Philippines. It was an occasion to display and show the […]

4 Veterans Respond to NFL National Anthem Protests

To those who support the movement, the phrase “national anthem protests” is an inaccurate description. The anthem is not the subject of the protest any more than a bus was the main concern for Rosa Parks. The subject is racial injustice in policing and the criminal justice system. But in the public discourse, as it […]