Opinion Line (July 17) | The Wichita Eagle

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I am concerned President Trump has a much longer association with the Russian government and financiers, than my GOP. On issues like dealing with Putin and building the Mexican wall, Mr. Trump is a lot of smoke, but no cigar.

We have all met with someone who has Russian “ties.” Is there enough jail space for all of us, Democrats?

It’s through the decades of hard work by our forefathers that we’re living in a great country now, and have been all along. No person of any intellectual credibility would think he can step in and singlehandly take credit for it.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. The social welfare net was never meant to be a multi-generational career opportunity.

When the hard-working people of Kansas start to experience the loss of income caused by the tax increase, Brownback will be remembered as their best friend.

If Trump was president during Franklin Roosevelt’s time, he would be talking with the Japanese emperor after they struck Pearl Harbor about how to best “restructure” the U.S. Navy’s fleet.

Someone actually thinks people get paid for protesting? That tells you far more about who they are then the people I know who protest. No, we are not being paid. Many of us are older and retired from our hard-working, tax-paying jobs.

All of these Democrat nothing-burgers served up by the Democrats are a poor diet for America.

Liberals can’t deal with a President that stands with America.

It is time for an investigation of the financial transactions of the WaterWalk project.

The “moderate-leaning liberal” Opinion Line contributor who boasted about his/her IQ must indeed be gifted. It takes special talent to demonstrate arrogance and ignorance simultaneously.

Thank you for the lovely stories about the 4-H kids at the county fair and the hummingbird mother. A nice break from all the depressing politics.

It was never about the economic sun shining on the people of Kansas. It was all about Sam Brownback’s political career and paying back his political supporters.

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