OPINION: Looking forward to when ‘Made in America’ is bipartisan again

Times are crazy but the good thing is, I’m seeing fewer and fewer Trump bumper stickers. Could it be that those who may have been fooled are slowly recognizing the true nature of this beast and are peeling away. Are one-time supporters finally opening their eyes, ears and minds to the dangers of this Trump presidency?

Secretly voting for Trump I get, but blatantly promoting the guy is madness. The first time I spotted a Trump sticker, my wife and I were in Florida visiting my father. It was a loud red pick up flying dual American flags. One propped from the driver side window and the other from the passenger’s.

Looking for the mounted shotgun in the rear window I noticed two bumper stickers, one on the left and one on the right, straight and perfectly spaced. His and hers I suppose, and as if those weren’t enough, there were two more on the truck’s bumper. I never got to see the front.

Since that time, whenever I’m behind a Trump decorated rear end, my curiosity automatically stirs to the point where I need to make an effort pull to their left to see what a full-blown Trump supporter looks like. People feel very protected and empowered when driving their cars. I wonder … Is he or she smiling? Is he or she angry looking? Or … is he or she just picking their nose?

Other than Jack Kennedy, when I was far too young to own a car, I liked Obama more than any presidential choices. He showed great promise for a nation twisted by race, but even so, the last thing you would find on my car is his bumper sticker.

Sorry, Barack, but it’s my nature to avoid displaying anything that suggests, promotes or advertises. Long ago, in order to “fit in,” I tried wearing the Izod alligator on my left pectoral. It gave me a weird psychological rash.

If you want to know who I am and what I stand for, you’ll need to do more than read my clothing, my car or even my appearance, so the one thing you can surely bet on is I shall never mar my body with any sort of ineradicable design, regardless of cool appeal, artistic creativity or egocentricity.

As the greatest human being who ever graced the face of the earth once said, “forgive them, they know not what they do,” he attested to man’s ignorance. Regardless of the foolish or stupid things we do, so it’s not really our fault, and even if it is, the sooner we forgive, the sooner we can continue our ascent toward higher expectations and achievements.

By the way … my father, now a Floridian, voted for Trump, but he would have done the same if living in Connecticut. Since blood is thicker than even politics, I forgave him and will continue to love him (if perhaps just a little less).

Though his disdain for Bill and Hillary led him to the corrupt, orange-colored businessman, he kept his political views relatively personal and never attempted to persuade anyone. It was far more than I could do in such an obvious case of politics gone mad. Hopefully, next election, both candidates will be more credible.

We all know what Trump said and did, and what he doesn’t say and doesn’t do, but this is America, where people like me and I suppose the president, have every right to free speech.

I’m looking forward to the time when we’ll reflect and perhaps pat each other’s back in a “Made in America,” bipartisan celebration for getting through the Trump years without losing our planet to a catastrophic war or environmental meltdown.

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