Organizations with a political focus should not be tax-exempt | Letters to the editor

So the Internal Revenue Service, under Republican leadership, has agreed to a settlement with Tea Party and similar organizations (“U.S. agrees to pay Tea Party groups over IRS scrutiny,” Oct. 27). What a surprise.

Now, instead of political organizations contributing to the Republican Party, the Republican Party is contributing to its political organizations. I guess this is a logical extension stemming from Republicans getting to choose their voters via redistricting. What’s next? Republicans choosing which U.S. citizens may vote? Wait. That’s already happening. OK, what’s really next? I’m assuming it will have something to do with eliminating elections altogether.

Organizations with a primarily political focus cannot be tax-exempt, that’s why the IRS gave scrutiny to ones that had the term “Tea Party” in their name. Unless they are actually hosting tea parties, one would assume they are political. Even the Sierra Club, which most would consider an environmental organization, was stripped of its tax-exempt status in 1966. They didn’t cry about it. I guess crying pays off these days if you’re a Republican.

William Moran  •  Innsbrook